Duluth Pack Store Costume Photo Contest

Your dream to win anything in the Duluth Pack Store for free? Make it a reality:

From now through November 3rd, participate in our Costume Photo Contest!
- Come on down to 365 Canal Park Dr. with your Halloween costume
- Snap a selfie with any one product of any brand
- Follow @DuluthPack on Instagram & Twitter
-Tweet the image or share on Instagram
- Include hashtags: #DPCostumeContest & #DuluthPack

A random participant will be chosen to win their photographed product on 11/3!

* Make sure your account is not private – or we won’t be able to see your photo!

Photo Contest

We are very excited to announce the start of one of our favorite promotions: the Photo Contest!

Thursday, Oct. 9th – Monday Oct. 20th 

Sportsman's Duffel on a busy street in JapanSpring 2014 1st Place Winner by Boone H.

Each season, we are thoroughly impressed with all of our Duluth Pack fans. Their adventures, creativity, and photographic skills are brag-worthy!

We encourage everyone who is willing to submit an image to participate! We love to see our packs at work – so include your Duluth Pack in the image!

There are gift cards for first, second, and third place winners.

Fly fishing with a Daypack in a river surrounded by snowSpring 2014 2nd Place Winner by Ryan S.

Here are the details:

1. Submit your photos to marketing@duluthpack.com

2. You may submit as many photos as you wish.

5. Photos must be submitted by Midnight CST Monday, Oct. 20th, 2014.

5. Duluth Pack will have the rights to photos submitted and can be used for marketing purposes (we love to brag about our fans!).

6. Duluth Pack employees (past and present), and their families, are not eligible.

A Daypack & owner on the side of the Grand Canyon



1st = $200 Duluth Pack Gift Card
2nd = $100 Duluth Pack Gift Card
3rd = $50 Duluth Pack Gift Card


We can’t wait to see what our fans and their bags have been up to!


Spring 2014 Winners + Honorable Mentions
Fall 2013 Winners + Honorable Mentions

Locally Grown Series – Part 6: Chris

The six segment of our new “Locally Grown Series“ – and the last for this first season.

This series highlights some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Local Grown Series - Chris

Chris is a professional curler who has competed at an Olympic level. He is Duluth born and raised and grew up traipsing around Lester Park. “There is everything to do here. Swimming, biking, hiking… Family get togethers. It was the place where our parents would let us bike to as a kid. It seemed a lot bigger then,” says Chris about the park. “Every season there is something cool and pretty about Lester.” 

Hobbies include lots of hiking (he has nearly hiked the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail), mountain biking, curling and snow boarding. As an outdoorsy guy, he’s known of Duluth Pack his entire life. The red canoe pack pictured above was passed down to him from his Dad. It was the pack they would take on their trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It still goes out every once in awhile. Chris’s family is so accustomed to Duluth Pack’s, he mentioned recently finding a few of our duffels inside of a duffel in an old family shed that had been locked for years. They were dirty but he washed them up and now they’re good as new!

Some of Chris’ favorite spots on the Northshore are Bean and Bear Lake and Kadunce River: “I just love northern Minnesota. If we had mountains, we’d have to gate this place up probably.”


We’re glad to have Chris as a friend of Duluth Pack. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!


The SHT Part 1 – Sam & Dans Thru-Hike of the Superior Hiking Trail

Sam Levar on the Superior Hiking Trail a week before he departs for the thru-hike

Sam Levar on the Superior Hiking Trail a week before he departs for the thru-hike

The Superior Hiking Trail is a 296 mile stretch of foottrail from the Canadian border to Duluth, MN (our home) along the Scenic North Shore.

Starting next Monday, our retail store’s Hard Goods Buyer, Sam Levar (on the right), will be thru-hiking it with his brother, Dan.

A 6am, Sam & Dan will be dropped off north of Grand Portage, near the trailhead. “We were going to try to plan each night in advance, but I advised that we simply hike and stay flexible instead of following an itinerary. I’ve found that itineraries only make the trip more stressful than it has to be,” explains Sam.

The loose plan has them completing it in 2 weeks. “If we are on pace, we will be staying in Lizmore on the 29th, and at Spirit Mtn the night of the 30th. Then we will be finishing the hike on the 31st at Jay Cooke.” They’ll need to hike at least 21 miles per day.

Here are Sam’s thoughts on the trip: “A good buddy of mine tells a great story when he ran across an old man soloing across the boundary waters. The gent was waiting for the portage to be open because of the cluster of people and he looked at my friend and said, ‘If there’s a schedule, I’m not aware of one.’ We sort of live by that now. I plan to hike for 14 days, regardless if I finish the trail or not. I’m not doing this hike to accomplish anything or to prove to myself or others that we can do it. I’m hiking because I love being on trail and cutting out the excess of life.”

Tune back in as we’ll be updating you on their journey!

Locally Grown Series – Part 5: Cara

The fifth segment of our new “Locally Grown Series

This series will highlight some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Local Grown Series - Cara

Cara joined us in Canal Park on a beautiful day. She walked on down from the Holiday Inn & Suites where she is the Corporate Sales Manager. Cara is also the Board President of Sustainable Twin Ports. She works to help people live sustainably.  She enjoys her Bison Leather Shell Bag because of it having the lowest carbon footprint, she gets to support her friends and neighbors, and because “she’s a beaut.”

Her favorite local spots are the lift bridge and the neighboring pier. Her Nana lived on Park Point so the landmarks remind her of her visits. She also loves sitting on the beach on a perfect day. Cara’s hobbies include: hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, kayaking, and writing. She writes a sustainability column for a local paper and magazine.

Thanks for chatting with us, Cara! 

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