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June 22, 2015
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We eat to live, not live to eat. Well.. sometimes here in the marketing department we twist the phrase a bit. Hello, we love our carbs and can’t deny a diet Coke every so often. Plus, who doesn’t REALLY want a donut on a Friday after a busy as a bee week? Come on, don’t deny it. WE ALL DO!

Anyways, back to the meat and potatoes of this notion (yes, a food phrase was needed) we’re excited to share what our tastebuds have been craving and what we are on the verge of drooling for. What does that entail? We’re promoting some recipes that were found either on Pinterst, dusted out of our cupboards, passed down from Grandma, or a savory dish we whipped up from the creative imagination. If you have any dishes that are drool worthy, please send them onto us! We would love to test them out ourselves!

Can you tell we have a sweet tooth? Yep, these cookie dough frosting cupcakes are EXACTLY what we want right now! See here!

We’re all about the savory dishes, too! Good day, carbs! We fancy you !

Sour is right up our alley, too! Come the sizzling Duluth summers, these will be a must-have on a daily rotation!

This will be slurped down plenty of times here at Duluth Pack – can guarantee that. Plus, energy? Booyah!

Even though we are Northerners, we are oh so festive when it comes to Taco Tuesdays! Get in my belly, home-made Crunch Wrap Supreme ! Healthiest? No way, Jose. But, when you’re running around work all day and who cares (that’s how it goes, right?) .

Stomach rumbling now? Ours are! We’re all about, ‘sharing is caring’ here at Duluth Pack. If you have something that needs to be in the limelight, tell us! We’re becoming hungry, hungry hippos over here!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

Camping Recipes, Trip Planning

Gourmet Camping Menu

February 5, 2014

Hassle-Free, Delicious, Camping Menu

Take a quick/easy trip and eat well too!

Duluth is known for many things… one of which: delicious cuisine. Duluth restaurants are featured on foodie road trips. There are even many Duluth restaurants that have been featured on the Food Network.  Even us outdoorsy folk appreciate fine dining; although camping and fine dining aren’t usually in the same sentence (unless you’re a glamper: here). While reading through a recent issue of Backpacker Magazine, we found a “no-nonsense” recipe that would make our go-to favorite, the hotdog, seem lackluster. Next time we go out for a quick trip, we’re using this menu:

The Menu

Breakfast 1
On the road

Lunches 1 & 2
Bagels with avocado and cucumber

Dinner 1
Garden State Quesadilla

Breakfast 2
General Washington Griddle cakes

Apples, trail mix


The Grocery List

Bunch spinach
Powdered milk
Trail mix
Whole wheat tortillas
Shredded cheddar
Salt, pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, and maple syrup


The Recipes

Garden State Quesadilla
1-½ cups shredded cheddar
4 whole-wheat tortillas
2 Jersey tomatoes, chopped
1 handful spinach
2 pads butter
Salt and pepper

Heat a frying pan and grease it with half a pad of butter. Lay down the tortilla, and layer cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and cheese again. Cook 3-4 minutes, regrease pan, flip, and cook until golden brown and crispy.


General Washington Griddle Cakes
2 cups powder milk
1 cup flour
4 large eggs
¼ cup sugar4 apples, sliced
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Heat and grease pan. Combine milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl. Pour ¼ cup blobs of batter into pan and top with apple. Bake until pancake is light brown (3-4 minutes), then flip and cook 2-3 minutes.

Tips from us:

  • Measure out the powdered milk, flour, sugar, and cinnamon for the Griddle Cakes in a container before you leave home. The container will double as your mixing bowl when adding the eggs.
  • Print this post off (or screen shot it on your smart phone) and you’ll be set for your next 30-ish hour camp trip.


So what do you think? Will you give it a shot? What do you normally like to eat while camping?

Stay tuned… We just might bring you more of these! Thanks, Backpacker.




Source: Backpacker Magazine

Camping Recipes, Techniques & Advice, The Lowdown, Trip Planning

Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstration with Recipe!

December 18, 2012

This past weekend at the Duluth Pack flagship store in Duluth, MN we wanted to create an experience that people could come and watch and then sample some interesting prepared items made in Lodge Dutch ovens, that you can make at either the campsite or in your kitchen. As you begin your adventure of cooking with Lodge Logic cast iron, hopefully you will remember the fun we had.

Dutch oven cooking can be practiced at home on the back porch and then mastered at the campsite, creating a menu of items besides hotdogs and hamburgers.  You’ll be able to create meals, desserts and snacks that your family and friends will wonder what cooking class you took to be so good! We would like to share with you one of our most popular recipes!


Camping Recipes, Techniques & Advice

Camping Recipes – Staff Favorites!

July 30, 2009

We talk about our trips all the time here at Duluth Pack Store and Factory, and what we ate is always high on the list! After I was bragging about my
super easy dinner on my recent kayaking trip, I thought why not compile a list of all our staff favorite camping recipes! Some for backpacking, canoeing, or car camping.  WARNING, this blog entry will make you hungry!

Molly - I suppose I could start with the picture above. Mine really isn’t a “recipe”.  I just head to the Asian (Indian) section of the grocery store or your local Co-op. They have ready made Indian Curries in foil pouches, also seasoned rice in a foil pouch, and now, near the tuna, they have chicken breasts in foil pouches. I just put all three pouches in boiling lake water and 5 minutes later, dinner! Gourmet and super easy and the only clean up is a plate and spoon.

Jeff the Cutter (canvas)
– Omelettes in a Bag

2-3 Raw Eggs / Choice of Meat / Raw Veggies / Cheese / Salt & Pepper

Mix all ingredients and pour into a pint-sized ziploc bag. Boil in pot for 10-15 minutes. Slide out and enjoy! Everyone can mix their own ingredients!  (you can also make and freeze in bags before your trip)

Tom, President – French Fries

1)Cut potatoes into French fries (thinner is better). The larger the potatoes you start with the easier/better.

2)Pour oil into cast iron pan. Heat over a wood fire/liquid gas or propane flame until the oil is hot enough.  You will know when the oil is hot enough if a wooden match in the oil flames up. Simply throw a wooden match into the oil as it is getting hot and wait for it to flame up.  Presto, your oil is hot enough.

3)Put a bunch of the thinly cut up potatoes into the hot oil.  Make sure all of the potatoes are covered by oil.

When the fries are floating and turning golden brown scoop them out put them on a plate with a bunch of paper towels sprinkle salt and seasoning salt on the fries shake on the plate and eat until you are stuffed.

Laura, Receiving Duluth Pack Store

Camping Smores (for 4 people)

4 bananas / 2  Hersheys chocolate bars

I pkg. mini marshmallows / Aluminum foil / Camp Fire

Cut a slit in each banana length-wise (do not peel them!). Break up the chocolate bar into the individual squares.  Alternately place a square of chocolate and a marshmallow down the length of the banana.  Fill each one up as much as you like. Cut a square of foil for each banana.  Roll up each banana into the foil.  Place each one in to the fire (near the edge -enough so that you can retrieve them later).  Let cook as long as you like-the longer, the gooier the inside gets (about 10-30 minutes). Once you’ve taken them off the fire, unwrap the foil and eat the banana/smore mixture right out of the banana. Kids love these! (PS – Laura, I have done these with Caramello bars, Mmmmmm carmel!)

Susi (husband Rocky), Human Resources
– Best Fish Batter!

After years of fishing and taste-testing the winner hands down is the combination of 1/2 Shore Lunch and 1/2 Fryin’ Magic. Coat fresh caught fish, fry and eat!

 Erik, Associate Store Manager – Campfire Breakfast

A stick / 1 egg / 1 piece of bacon

1 brown paper bag (lunch size) / Salt and Pepper to taste


Open the paper bag and place the piece of bacon inside on the bottom. Crack the egg into the bag over the bacon. Fold the bag a couple times and take the stick and poke it through towards the top.  Now the fun part.  Hold the bag over the fire, finding that perfect level where the bag won’t blacken, but close enough that the egg will cook.  The grease from the bacon prevents the bag from burning and allows the egg to cook and not stick to the bag. When the egg is opaque and the bacon looks cooked, simply tear open the bag, add salt and pepper to taste and dig in.  When done, just throw your plate in the fire!

Linda, Seamstress – Hobo Stew

A Square of Foil / Hamburger Patty / slices of onions, carrots, potato’s

Place Hamburger patty in the middle of the foil, top patty with a slice of onion, slices of carrots and potato’s (or whatever veggies are your favorite) top with a tablespoon of butter.

Pull sides of foil up to form a pouch, set in coals and cook until done (approx. 1 hour), enjoy!

Jessica, Customer Service – Breakfast Sausage Balls

1/4 cup butter / 1 lb. bulk sausage / 1 egg / 6 oz. grated cheddar cheese / 3 cups “Bisquick” mix

Coat bottom of dutch oven (or layer of foil) with butter. Mix all ingredients with hands, pull off small pieces and roll into 1″ balls. Place layer of balls in dutch oven or foil and cook for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!

Sue O., Seamstress – Banana Pancakes

1 banana mashed / 4 slices dry bread / 1 egg / dash cinnamon / butter

Mix all ingredients together. Heat butter in skillet or griddle. Break bread into small pieces, mix all ingredients together. Makes 4″ – 5″ sized cakes, cook on both sides. Top with syrup, fresh fruit, or peanut butter.

Bonus tip from Sue – Freeze drinking water in 1/2 gallon jugs. Use it for ice in your cooler. As it melts you can use it for drinking water and the contents of your cooler doesn’t get soggy!

Betsy, Distribution Coordinator
– Sloppy Joe’s



(This will serve up to 4 people)

1lb ground hamburger /½ medium onion / 1 cup ketchup / 1 tbsp mustard / 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce / 1 tsp garlic powder OR 1 garlic clove / Salt and Pepper

 1. Brown the hamburger. When it’s almost brown add the onion and crushed garlic clove or garlic powder.

2. When the onion and garlic is cooked, add the ketchup, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.  (You may want to add more or less of an ingredient to suit your taste. With this specific recipe it should have a more of a tangy taste to it)

3. Add salt and pepper to your likeness and then simmer uncovered for at least 30 minutes stirring occasionally.

These taste great on your favorite buns, bread, or even on top of chips for an appetizer! Also good frozen and reheated on the trail.

Becky, Customer Service - Smudgie Pies

These are great when you are car camping.  My friend Sara and her family introduced them to me as a teenager. They are fun to make, but daylight is recommended for better toasting (I prefer mine without the charred edges). You may toast them over the coals or warm them over an open flame.  You can make different flavors like: pizza, peanut butter and jelly, or use pie filling for dessert.  I like using the squeeze bottle for pizza sauce because of the easy clean up.

 Non-stick spray / Bread / Pizza Sauce / Shredded Cheese / Pepperoni

 Cathy, Sewer – Cathy’s Backpacker Pasta

1 pkg. baked tofu / small box rotini / 4-6 sun dried tomato’s / 1 each small onion, zucchini, yellow squash

In the AM start soaking the tomatos and cut into smaller pieces (in a water bottle). In a large pot bring soaking water and tomato’s to a boil, add rotini, add water sparingly as it will not be drained. Add veggies. Do not drain. When pasta is nearly done add the tofu (cut into bite sized pieces) and cook until pasta is tender and ingredients are hot.

Mike, Marketing  – Bannock Bread

4 cups flour / 1 tsp. salt / 4 tsp. baking powder / 4 tbls. oil(if frying) / 1 1/2 cups water

Mix all ingredients, add water, knead for 10 minutes. Wrap on stick and cook over campfire until done. If frying, add oil to skillet, pat dough into small pancakes, fry on each side until golden brown. Eat with dinner or add raisins, cinnamon and sugar for a dessert bread. A true Northwoods tradition!

Lisa, Seamstress
- Ceviche

3/4 lb. salmon / 1 1/2 Tbls. salt / 6 Tbls. lemon or lime juice / 4 ripe chopped tomato’s / 4 scallions chopped

Wash salmon, dry and rub with salt. Sprinkle lemon/lime juice on both sides. Cover and place in refrigerator (or cooler) for 12-24 hours. The lemon/lime juice “cooks” the salmon. Debone and add tomato’s and scallions.

*Lisa also submitted a bonus recipe using 1 lb. Bass or Trout instead cut into 1/2″ pieces. Use 1 cup lime juice 1/2 tsp chili juice and 1 tsp canned chilies minced. (you can also add chopped celery, red onions, red pepper, olives) Follow same directions as above and serve with crackers or chips!

** We would love to hear from you and your recipes! Just click the canoe and camping comment button below, when the page refreshes scroll aaaaaallllll the way to the bottom of the page to leave your comment! Thanks for reading!