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What We Wear: Back to School: Medium Standard Daypack

Style Board with Standard Daypack

Going back to school with the Medium Standard Daypack is a great choice. Along with that, we recommend:

Duluth Pack Classic Leather Purse
Infinity Lyocell Buff
Converse One Star Skinny Leg Ankel Pant via Target an MN company!
Maurices Button Down Tunic Denim Shirt another MN company!
Duluth Pack Leather Notebook
Itasca Leathergoods Women’s Cota Peachy Keen soon to be offered on our site!

Back to School with Duluth Pack


We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Duluth Pack is the number one choice for the most rugged and dependable backpacks. You might say Home Ec. is our favorite subject. We’re so confident in our hardware and craftsmanship that we guarantee it for life. Your child’s Duluth Pack bag will last them through graduate school (and beyond).


Daypacks and Scout Packs


Standard Daypack and Deluxe Daypack


Standard Daypack and Deluxe Daypack


Deluxe Laptop Daypack



Child’s Pack Envelope Style


The Growler Pack

Duluth Pack has a new product!
We have collaborated with local brewery, Fitgers Brewhouse, to bring craft beer out into the wilderness. The Growler Pack is what was created.

Photo by Maxwell McGruder

It is an insulated protective case for your growler. It’ll protect it from light and keep the beer cooler longer. It folds down tightly to keep the growler safe while it’s attached to your bike, canoe, across your shoulders on a hike, or along for a portage. The dry bag style closure can also fold down to be used as a koozie.

Photo by Maxwell McGruder

As our Marketing Director said, ”They’re the grandfathers of creating what’s going on with craft beer, and we’re the grandfathers of making packs,” so it was an obvious partnership. We’re excited about this new product.

Check it out on our website!

Photo by Maxwell McGruder

Photo by Maxwell McGruder



The Market Tote from Duluth Pack

The Very Fashionable Market Tote

“Oh, I love your bag; is that from Nordstrom?”, to which I proudly replied, “Nope–it’s from Minnesota!” • Amanda

The Market Tote from Duluth Pack

“I got this bag for a friend who teaches yoga and moves from gym to gym all day.” • Bikerarcher

“I have been on the lookout for a sturdy and chic work tote that I can use on weekends as well.” • Baghound

Duluth Pack Market Tote: The official bag of Dallas’ design cognoscenti.” • Joslyn Taylor

Sunset over Ice

Avoid Cabin Fever during the Leap Day Blizzard

Snow has finally come to Duluth, and many of us in the north woods are enjoying a snow day as we hunker down during this leap day blizzard. What are you going to do as the storm rages and you fight off the feeling of cabin fever? Let me throw out some ideas to keep you from going stir crazy and at the same time continuing to dream of open water.

Make it a movie day – Pop in a Cliff Jacobsen or Bill Mason video in the DVD player and escape to the lakes and rivers of the north. It is a great way to pick up some new skills or just revel in the scenic beauty captured on each disc.

Condition the leather on your canoe packs – Grab the Lexol conditioner and rub it into all the leather on your packs, really soak those straps. Yeah, I know this doesn’t sound like a great way to spend a free day, but it will pay dividends when the ice melts.

Get the snowshoes ready – rest assured at some point this wind is going to lie down, and you can get out and play in the fresh powder. Tighten those bindings and plan on shoeing away in Jay Cooke State Park or up the Superior Hiking Trail.  Both have great trails to test out the snowshoes, and don’t forget to take your camera along to capture what might be the only storm of 2012.

Dive into good book – My favorites are from Sigurd Olson or John Krakauer. With Olson you can relax and enjoy the soothing picture he paints of the wilderness complete with sights and sounds. Reading Krakauer gives you the vicarious experience of high drama adventure.

Spread the maps out and route a trip – Now this sounds more like it! Stretch all your maps out on the floor and plan a trip for the summer of 2012. Choose an entry point, book it at, and if you have any questions give an expert at the Duluth Pack store a call.

There you go, now you have a few ideas to help you spend your snow day. My plan is to grab the camera and get some shots of the gently falling snow. OK, maybe not so gently.