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Gift’s Under $25 at Duluth Pack

Gifts Under $25 Available at Duluth Pack

Gifts Under $25 Available at Duluth Pack

Looking for some stocking stuffers or a gift for a friend? Having a made in the USA holiday? This list has 23 great options all under $25 (and made in America) available at Find more holiday gift ideas here:

1) Promo Tote – Envelope Style - $25
2) Cabin Campfire Incense Holder – $9.95
3) Paul Bunyan Crayons – 6 assorted colors $18
4) J.R. Ligget’s All Natural Shampoo Bar – $7
5) Maple Syrup – $11.95 (flavors available at the Duluth Pack Retail Store)
6) Duluth Pack Logo Key Fob – $5
7) Duluth Pack Wool Stocking Ornament - $10
8) Minnesota Cutting Board by Epicurean – $24.99
9) Duluth Pack T-Shirt – $20
10) Duluth Pack Patch – $3.95
11) Firebuggz Fire Fishing Pole – $24.99
12) Lake Superior Chocolate Rocks – $9
13) Northern Lakes Pancake Mix – $4.99
14) Duluth Pack Canoe Cap – $20 (more colors available at the Duluth Pack Retail Store)
15) Mini Duluth Pack & Ornament – $20
16) All Natural Hand-Poured Soy Candle by Crafted in the Woods – $12.95
17) Wild Rice – $7.99 (more options available)
18) Pinon Pine Incense Cones – $5.95
19) Red Wing Mug with Duluth Pack Logo – $18
20) Leather Moose – $9
21) Duluth Pack Can Koozy – $3.50
22) Duluth Pack Coffee – $11.95
23) Jams by Jan – $7.95

Small Business Saturday

Spending locally is worth your money. When spending locally, more of your money goes back to your local economy than money spent at a chain store. American Express made a lovely infographic that highlights the benefits of shopping local. Check it out below!

This Saturday, Nov. 30th, is Small Business Saturday. Join us in making an extra effort to stop by all of your favorite local companies. You can also come down to the Duluth Pack retail store or go online at to support this city, state, and country. We’re proud to say that our factory has been in Duluth, Minnesota ever since we were founded in 1882. We thank you for your support!

Supporting Small Business Statistics

New Product: Roll-Top Scout

New Roll-Top Pack in the World-Famous “Scout” Series
Roll Top Scout at Enger Park
DULUTH, MINN. November 12, 2013 – Duluth Pack is adding a new product to their ever-popular “Scout” series: the Roll-Top Scout. An ideal companion for bikers and commuters alike, the bag offers the option of rolling the bag down to accommodate a small load or higher to pack everything you might need for a weekend. Like all the packs in the Scout series, the pack rides snug against the back. That means no shifting on your back on your ride to work, and no accidentally bumping in to strangers on the subway.
The Scout Series started with the Scout Pack, a scaled-down version of our world-famous canoe pack patented in 1882. The concept for the series arose when a New York Times fashion writer, who happened to be a long-time Duluth Pack fan, proposed the concept of the smaller bags. Duluth Pack has since added to the line with the Laptop Scout, the Scoutmaster, Laptop Scoutmaster, and the Deluxe Scoutmaster.
As always, this pack is handcrafted in Duluth Pack’s 102-year-old factory in Duluth, Minnesota, by true artisans. All our bags are guaranteed for life on all craftsmanship and hardware. Find the Roll-Top Scout at Duluth Pack’s retail store in Duluth, and online at
Roll Top OpenRoll Top on BikeRoll Top Side

What We Wear: Hunters Essentials

There are a few items that all Hunters need.

  1. An Original Stormy Kromer cap. Warmth, protection from the sun, and some hunter’s orange safety. Also at
  2. Merino wool base layers, like these from Icebreaker. The warmth is obvious, the comfort is a serious bonus, but the reason they made this list is the odor control!
  3. A Duluth Pack bag. The Wanderer is one of our favorites for hunting trips. You can carry anything is this backpack.
  4. And as our apparel buyer says, the “perfect man’s man pant.” Stormy Kromer’s Bunkhouse Trouser. It’s the ideal choice to complete the hunters outfit. Comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

Throw on some wool socks, boots, and your favorite blaze coat/vet and you’re set. All of these products are available at our store in Canal Park, Duluth, MN.

Hunters Essentials Product Board


Fall 2013 Amateur Photo Contest Winners!

You all continue to amaze us. We had many employees in our factory in Duluth, MN vote for this photo contest. We all thank every participant for submitting your awesome pictures to us! We never tire of seeing the wonderful things our fans do and what our packs inspire.

The first place award of $200, goes to Meredith A.!

Meredith A's first place submission

Meredith A’s first place submission taken in the Austrian Alps

The first runner-up, winning $100, is Charlie H!

Charlie H.'s first runner up submission

Charlie H.’s first runner up submission

The second runner-up, winning $50, is Sarah B. looking over the Danube River in Durnstein, Austria.


Sarah B.’s second runner up submission in Austria

We had so many amazing photos submitted to us. It made the decision process very difficult! We wanted to share a few more of our favorites with you:

Adrian T.'s submission

Adrian T.’s submission

Curtis R.'s submission

Curtis R.’s submission


Jill P.’s submission



















photo (17)

Melissa P.'s submission

Melissa P.’s submission

Dave C.'s submission on Baskahegan Stream in Maine

Dave C.’s submission on Baskahegan Stream in Maine





















"Top of the Fanny Pack Food Chain" by Benson

“Top of the Fanny Pack Food Chain” by Benson :)