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Locally Grown Series – Part 6: Chris

The six segment of our new “Locally Grown Series“ – and the last for this first season.

This series highlights some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Local Grown Series - Chris

Chris is a professional curler who has competed at an Olympic level. He is Duluth born and raised and grew up traipsing around Lester Park. “There is everything to do here. Swimming, biking, hiking… Family get togethers. It was the place where our parents would let us bike to as a kid. It seemed a lot bigger then,” says Chris about the park. “Every season there is something cool and pretty about Lester.” 

Hobbies include lots of hiking (he has nearly hiked the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail), mountain biking, curling and snow boarding. As an outdoorsy guy, he’s known of Duluth Pack his entire life. The red canoe pack pictured above was passed down to him from his Dad. It was the pack they would take on their trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It still goes out every once in awhile. Chris’s family is so accustomed to Duluth Pack’s, he mentioned recently finding a few of our duffels inside of a duffel in an old family shed that had been locked for years. They were dirty but he washed them up and now they’re good as new!

Some of Chris’ favorite spots on the Northshore are Bean and Bear Lake and Kadunce River: “I just love northern Minnesota. If we had mountains, we’d have to gate this place up probably.”


We’re glad to have Chris as a friend of Duluth Pack. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!


Heartfelt Backpack Repair Note

We received an amazing letter along with a pack for repairs:

“Dear Duluth Pack Company:

Here is my beloved Duluth Pack backpack, which has been my faithful companion for more than 10 years now. 

This pack and I started out together during my youth in Esko, Minnesota. It’s seen me through high school, Boy Scouting, and college… It’s seen me down the trail, up the river and through the Boundary Waters… It’s seen me down the road from coast to coast and through 8 months of Gypsy-living while we relocated our farm, veterinary practice and family across 1,000 miles to the countryside south of Nashville. I look forward to many more years with this pack.

As you can see, over the years and the many miles it’s developed a rip near the zipper towards the top of the main compartment. I had it safety-pinned together for a time, but it became evident that it needed to be sent in for repairs. I’m confident your master craftsmen will have it ship-shape in short order – and I sincerely hope so, since it’s hard to part with it, even for a time. 

Nashville is my home, now, but I will always be proud of the Northland, the land of my birth and my raising, especially as long as Duluth Pack keeps up its excellent work. Thank you for continuing to hold yourself to such excellent standards of quality and customer service. I’ll always be happy to tell anyone who’ll listen that Duluth Pack is bar-none the best place to go for gear. 



Thanks for being such a wonderful fan, John! We appreciate you and wish you the best of luck and happiness in Nashville!

Classic Carry-On Repair Note

We got this note with a Classic Carry-On for repair.



Love the bag!

It’s been to seventeen countries, and scraped along on cars, bikes, trains, trucks, buses, boats, and a host of others.

Did you know its the perfect size to carry a 24 pack of beer? A case of wine or a weeks worth of groceries, as well.

Anyway, its the metal bits that have worn out. D-Rings, snaps on handles, and clips for shoulder stap.

I hope you can fix it and get it back to me as soon as you can.

I sort of miss it already.




Thankfully those parts are guaranteed for life so Jason’s repair is free. We got it back to him ASAP. Thanks for being a fan, Jason!

Well-Loved Daypack

Today we received a package covered in dinosaur stickers. On the inside was a loved Standard Daypack – Backpack, and this note:


photo (7)“Dear Duluth Pack Craftspeople,

When this backpack was given to me as a birthday gift in 2007, I did not realize that it would become an essential life companion throughout the following 6 years! So far it has:

  • Attended the U of M – Twin Cities, completing a B.S. in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
  • Lived in Hawaii for 6 months
  • Traveled throughout South American and Europe
  • Performed conservation research in Nebrascka (not as bad as it sounds…!), Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands and Trinidad & Tobago.

It has been extremely well-loved and well-used! I could not have had a better bag throughout all of these experiences. 

I want to thank you for crafting such an exceptional piece of equipment and for fixing this zipper so that I can continue brining my travel buddy & field assistnat on future excursions! 



P.S. It likes to go rock-climbing, too!

:) “


Thanks for sharing this great story with us, Jordan! Enjoy your new zipper, and keep up with the amazing travels!

The Backpack That Will Last From Kindergarten Through College, and Beyond

Year after year, parents spend money on brand new backpacks that might last a few months.  We’ve managed to make a backpack that will last their whole school career and more.  But don’t just take our word for it….here’s what a few of our satisfied customers had to say:

“I received this (in navy blue) as a gift over 10 years ago. It is still in excellent condition after being my primary book bag through both college and grad school (and a lot of traveling). It’s been through a lot but remains completely in tact and the color hasn’t faded either.” ~Kristen

“We were tired of buying new backpacks for our kids…there were always broken zippers, not big enough packs and just wearing out all the time. We took the kids to Duluth Pack and let them pick their colors and they have had them ever since. Actually we had to get a larger one as our daughter hit high school. It’s off to college with her in the fall! Thanks for a great product!” ~dkstebe

“I was sick and tired of replacing both of our kids school packs every year. Zippers were broken on all of the old style cheap ones within three months. I decided to spend a little more and get them good ones. 5 years later and they are still like new. A little cleaning now and then but like new. Bullet proof zippers, couldn’t break them if you tried. GREAT PRODUCT, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND MAKING THEM IN USA.” ~Tom

“I purchased this back pack for my daughter for elementary school 12 years ago. After the abuse it took on the bus, the playground, in the snow, rain and mud… it still looks good and is used almost daily. Another fantastic item from Duluth Pack.” ~lyndbrd

“12 years ago my parents became tired of purchasing a new backpack for me each school year as each became destroyed with daily use. A friend lent us the Duluth Pack catalog and we haven’t looked back since! This backpack has accompanied me from fifth grade through a Master’s degree. It’s traveled around the world and back and has only *now* developed a small tear in the canvas (which is being factory-repaired for a ridiculously small fee!). I really can’t write enough about these backpacks — This is probably the ONLY product I’ve purchased that I can UNCONDITIONALLY recommend. They’re inexpensive for their quality, even at this price. Buy one (or two!) now. I anticipate mine outlasting me.” ~Philip

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