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New Waxed Products – Back and Better than ever!

November 20, 2009

Yes, it’s back by popular demand and better than ever!  Waxed canvas is timeless, beautiful, rugged, and rich with history.  How do I know? Because that me’s standing on our waxed canvas! Yup, it’s just that tough. You have spoken and we have listened, wax is back. Why Waxed? Waxed canvas has many features….

More water resistant than cotton canvas.

Still breathable, more breathable than nylon.

Waxed canvas will last longer than cotton canvas with normal use. Waxed canvas is easy to maintain and if care is needed you can follow these simple steps:


Do not machine wash or dry clean.  Surface clean by using a scrub brush, damp sponge, or wipe away.  Cool water spray is sufficient to remove most soils.  Limited use of soap flakes, NOT detergents, may assist in cleaning.  Remember! Dirt, stains, and scuffs will add character with use.


Re-waxing may not be necessary, if so, follow these simple instructions:

Products may be re-waxed when wax wears off or becomes thin.  We sell Filson wax for re-waxing waxed clothing. This type of product or similar products would work well.

Timeless, rugged, waxed packs now at Duluth Pack!

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