Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge 2011 – Round 1!

Rules:  There are 15 rounds total. You can vote once in each round. A vote constitutes a Facebook comment, Tweet, or Blog comment. Each round ends at 11:59PM CST of the day it’s posted. We will have a random drawing for a Duluth Pack Gift Card in the amount designated for that round. Each vote that is cast will have a chance to win regardless if your vote wins! Good luck and keep stopping back!

70 thoughts on “Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge 2011 – Round 1!

  1. Dave

    I go with the Monarch, as it has side pockets. From the photo it has a more balanced visual composition than the #4 Duluth Pack. Looks like it might be more comfortable on the back than the #4 for daily use ’round town and trail. Round 1: Monarch. I put this as one of my top 3 seeds in this intense tournament of luggage.

  2. Steve N

    In the first round, I would say that the #4 Monarch leads the pack–no contest–especially if you are going to be portaging five or more areas into the boonies!

  3. Tom Harbold

    I’ll go with the #4 Monarch. I like it’s structure more than the “envelope” design of the #4 DP, and I like the accessory (water bottle!) pockets. But of course, all Duluth packs are great packs!

  4. William Biddulph

    # 4 Monarch, Wanderer, Front Portage Pack, Thwart Bag, Bow Bag, Seat Bag, Saw Bag,and a 16′ Mad River Explorer The perfect combination, oh yeah and ME.

  5. Meagan Keefe

    Oldie but goldie! I much prefer the old #4 to the monarch. I know there are lots of pockets, but that’s what cargo pants are for and the padded leather straps DO NOT fit me at all and are uncomfortable.


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