Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge Finals

Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge– Championship Match-Up

Championship Match-up of the Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge!

Olive Drab #4 Duluth Pack vs. Red Scoutmaster Deluxe Pack

Vote now in the comments! Grand Prize $100 Duluth Pack gift card will be awarded!

Voting ends Monday, April 2nd @ 11:59 p.m. Winner announced on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge Finals

1. There are seven (7) total challenge rounds. One vote per person per challenge round – each vote cast will have a chance to win the drawing regardless of your challenge pick.

2. One person can have up to seven (7) total entries, one for each round – each of the seven (7) challenges will result in a gift card being awarded for the specified amount for that round.

3. A vote constitutes a Facebook comment, a blog comment, or a tweet.

4. Duluth Pack employees and family members of employees are not eligible.

The final round will have a Grand Prize of a $100.00 Duluth Pack Gift Card.

The final drawing will be chosen from ALL entries, so be sure to enter each round.

Please be patient after you post your comment it may take some time for the blogmaster to approve. Thank you.

53 thoughts on “Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge– Championship Match-Up

  1. Tim Lawson

    Red Scoutmaster Deluxe Pack gotta love the looks and functionality of this great pack. From the very handy side pocket to the interior Ipad pocket and interior zipper pocket for pens, pencils, etc… The leather shoulder straps, the leather bottom, and the leather trim makes these bags attractive and lifelong durable.

  2. Kristine

    Red Scoutmaster! It has one less strap, but that’s not going to hold it back. That bright Red could take on Olive with its straps tied behind its back!

  3. Rick Paulson

    The number 4 for sure, many great memory’s with mine in the BWCA with my buddy JA,who we lost this past year.


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