Mossy Oak® Bushcrafter vs. Mossy Oak® Rambler

Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge – Round 2

Round Two of the Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge

Bushcrafter in Mossy Oak® vs. Rambler in Mossy Oak®

Vote now in the comments! Gift card awarded in each round!

Mossy Oak® Bushcrafter vs. Mossy Oak® Rambler

1. There are seven (7) total challenge rounds. One vote per person per challenge round – each vote cast will have a chance to win the drawing regardless of your challenge pick.

2. One person can have up to seven (7) total entries, one for each round – each of the seven (7) challenges will result in a gift card being awarded for the specified amount for that round.

3. A vote constitutes a Facebook comment, a blog comment, or a tweet. Each round ends at 11:59 pm of the day it was posted.

4. Duluth Pack employees and family members of employees are not eligible.

The final round will have a Grand Prize of a $100.00 Duluth Pack Gift Card.

The final drawing will be chosen from ALL entries, so be sure to enter each round.

37 thoughts on “Duluth Pack Bracket Challenge – Round 2

  1. Brady

    Definately the bushcrafter but I would get rid of the nylon compression straps and replace them with metal D’s and lacing.

    1. BradP Post author

      Brady, thanks so much for your comment. The Bushcrafter can be customized in any way you see fit. If you would like D-rings and lashing….we can do that. Thanks again and best of luck! • Bradp


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