Duluth Pack Product Bracket Challenge Round #6!

All right folks! Round #5 went to the Rambler Pack…thanks for all your votes, comments, and stories! It looks like the Rambler was on top of its game and just annihilated the poor defenseless Mini Haversack. The Rambler better rest up and get ready for the final challenge coming up at the end of the week!
ROUND #6: This challenge is the WANDERER PACK vs. the HUDSON BAY PACK!
Ooooooohhhh….will the popularity of the Wanderer beat out the size of the Hudson Bay? Let’s find out!
Comment once to enter the drawing for $100 Duluth Pack Gift Card!

71 thoughts on “Duluth Pack Product Bracket Challenge Round #6!

  1. Alice P

    I like the Wanderer. It’s nice to have the side pockets. It makes smaller items more accessible, without having to dig through a big pack.

  2. John Barnier

    It has to be the wanderer for sure, my son has one and I have had the chance to borrow it twice for a hike and canoe trip, what a great pack. Now I need to get one. Thank you for all the great gear and the many trips we’ve taken to Duluth to visit your store. John Barnier

  3. Tamara

    The Wanderer is an extrememly popular pack that I often see on the mountain trails, bushcraft events, and around town. I would have to go with the Wanderer.

  4. Lydia

    My vote is for the Hudson Bay – I haven’t taken a long canoe trip in many years but back in my college days I worked for the forest service in the BWCAW and let me tell you – a canoe sized pack that rides low enough to wear on a portage was better than sliced bread! We had to carry camping gear, food and a tool pack for digging new latrine holes, keeping portage trails clear of excessive brush and more. Portages with all that gear were rather arduous and a good pack could make all the difference.


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