Duluth Packs Are Put to the Test on “Love in the Wild”

It’s a jungle out there and our Wanderer pack is going to Central America this summer to explore. The jungles of Costa Rica are full of adventure such as rafting down crocodile infested waters, spelunking  bat-infested caves, and trekking long distances. However, these trivial little diversions will be mere distractions for ten women and ten men as they take part in NBC’s extreme dating experiment.

This summer’s new series “Love in the Wild” pairs these singles for their first dates and then sends them off on an odyssey to discover themselves and each other. The Wanderer will be there every step of the way serving as the faithful cache for tools required and treasures collected.

Watch tonight and every Wednesday this summer at 9:00 p.m. central for “Love in the Wild” and the Wanderer pack.

Help me out of this jungle, and back to

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