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New Product: Roll-Top Scout

November 21, 2013
New Roll-Top Pack in the World-Famous “Scout” Series
Roll Top Scout at Enger Park
DULUTH, MINN. November 12, 2013 – Duluth Pack is adding a new product to their ever-popular “Scout” series: the Roll-Top Scout. An ideal companion for bikers and commuters alike, the bag offers the option of rolling the bag down to accommodate a small load or higher to pack everything you might need for a weekend. Like all the packs in the Scout series, the pack rides snug against the back. That means no shifting on your back on your ride to work, and no accidentally bumping in to strangers on the subway.
The Scout Series started with the Scout Pack, a scaled-down version of our world-famous canoe pack patented in 1882. The concept for the series arose when a New York Times fashion writer, who happened to be a long-time Duluth Pack fan, proposed the concept of the smaller bags. Duluth Pack has since added to the line with the Laptop Scout, the Scoutmaster, Laptop Scoutmaster, and the Deluxe Scoutmaster.
As always, this pack is handcrafted in Duluth Pack’s 102-year-old factory in Duluth, Minnesota, by true artisans. All our bags are guaranteed for life on all craftsmanship and hardware. Find the Roll-Top Scout at Duluth Pack’s retail store in Duluth, and online at
Roll Top OpenRoll Top on BikeRoll Top Side


  • greg stephenson November 22, 2013 at 6:39 am

    why did you discontinue copper rivets w/bison duffel?

    • Abby November 22, 2013 at 9:47 am

      Hi Greg,

      I just looked into this question for you, and the Production Manager (PM) was under the impression that we have always made our Bison Leather Duffel’s with brass rivets. That being said, it very well could have been made with copper on accident once or twice (it happens – our products are made by real humans :D ) or we could have used copper more than 10 years ago, before our current PM started. If you’re interested in getting copper rivets, we do make custom orders! Feel free to give Customer Service a call at 1.800.777.4439.
      Thanks for your question!

      Abby, Marketing Specialist

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