The Market Tote from Duluth Pack

The Very Fashionable Market Tote

“Oh, I love your bag; is that from Nordstrom?”, to which I proudly replied, “Nope–it’s from Minnesota!” • Amanda

The Market Tote from Duluth Pack

“I got this bag for a friend who teaches yoga and moves from gym to gym all day.” • Bikerarcher

“I have been on the lookout for a sturdy and chic work tote that I can use on weekends as well.” • Baghound

Duluth Pack Market Tote: The official bag of Dallas’ design cognoscenti.” • Joslyn Taylor

3 thoughts on “The Very Fashionable Market Tote

  1. xgomez

    I didn’t know where to post this so I’m doing it here hoping that the moderator will notice.

    I found a photo of Nell Shipman, a Canadian film director of the silent era with what appears to be a bag designed in the Duluth style. Her films were famous for their outdoor action and adventure plots so it’s fitting that she would be photographed with one of these bags. I thought it was fun and I wanted to share.

    This is the url for photo:,%2028.JPG

    1. BradP Post author

      Wow, thank you so much for sending that along. We are loving the photo here in Duluth. We are undecided whether it is a Duluth Pack or from one of the many companies that built bags similar to ours. We all think it is one of ours, but not 100% sure. Please feel free to contact me at, I would love to follow up and see if we can track more photos like this one. Thank you again. • Brad


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