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July 9, 2009


There are many knots out there, for many different purposes. Utility knots, fisherman knots, decorative knots to name a few.  Our favorite knot book is the Morrow Guide to Knots.

The three types of knots you need to know fall into three categories, Securing (tying down), Hitches (pulley type knot), and one to lengthen rope.

  1. For the first category I have chose Duluth Pack’s favorite knot, the Bowline. This knot is extremely helpful to tie down the front and back lines of a canoe when on top of your vehicle.  Here is a helpful website that shows how to make The Bowline with animated drawings. Another helpful tip, if you are tying down the front and back of your canoe to your vehicle is not to use the very tip of the canoe but to start the rope back on your seat or thwart then loop it to the front of your car to make sure it doesn’t shift in transit.

    Bowline Knot

    Bowline Knot

  2. In the second category, another popular knot we use a lot around here is the Trucker’s Hitch.  Here is an animated drawing of the Trucker’s Hitch. This is a helpful knot because it can act like a mechanical pulley system.  It is a knot we use  to tie around our canoes when on top of our vehicles.

 Trucker's Hitch

3.  The third category is a knot that can be used to lengthen rope. This can be a water knot or a fisherman’s knot. These type of knots are also helpful for joining two pieces of rope together. Here is an animation of The Water Knot. (thank you to knots by grog)  Here is another link for an animation of The Fisherman’s Knot.

Water Knot

Water Knot

Fisherman's Knot

Fisherman’s Knot

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