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Announcing Our Collaboration with Barneys New York!

November 10, 2010

duluth-wanderer-pack-1What does Duluth Pack have to do with Barneys New York?  What could these iconic American companies have in common?  Due to the rising popularity of Duluth Pack’s American Heritage gear, Barneys New York put a new spin on a few Duluth Pack products.

Why this sudden rise in popularity of the rugged outdoor look?  Perhaps the traditional look has us remembering our history, connecting with our ancestors, and escaping our hectic and modern society.  Or perhaps,wool1 supporting American companies with American made products simply makes us feel good with so many other companies outsourcing overseas.  Or even possibly, the traditional look reminds us of challenging times in our country’s history, and gives us some sense of hope that we can rise above and overcome.

Whatever the reason, Duluth Pack is a company rich with American brgmarketheritage and history. Being in business for over 128 years, they have endured world wars, the Great Depression, post-war prosperity, economic down-turns, and today’s fast-paced society.  Traditional materials and methods have stood the test of time, and are back in style.

Which style is your favorite?

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