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Duluth Pack – A Customer’s Story

November 7, 2012

We thought we would share a letter we received along with a pack that needed repair.

Enclosed is my Duluth Pack. As you can see, it is in need of some light sewing repair on the top of the side seams.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for crafting such fine packs. My father owned a Duluth Pack for many years and it went along on with him on hundreds of trips. He started a family tradition when he purchased a Duluth Pack for me as a young adult. Now well into my forties, my pack has tagged along with me as much. In turn, a few years ago, I purchased my son his own Duluth Pack as he was ready to start tagging along with me on hunting, fishing and camping adventures. My father died several years ago, but we continue to use Duluth Pack.

In today’s throw-away society, it is unique to own something that I know will last a lifetime, and in my father’s case, did. Just for the fun of it, I enclosed a photo of our 3 Duluth Packs.

Thanks for making great dependable packs!


Matt S.

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