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Fall 2013 Amateur Photo Contest Winners!

October 22, 2013

You all continue to amaze us. We had many employees in our factory in Duluth, MN vote for this photo contest. We all thank every participant for submitting your awesome pictures to us! We never tire of seeing the wonderful things our fans do and what our packs inspire.

The first place award of $200, goes to Meredith A.!

Meredith A's first place submission

Meredith A’s first place submission taken in the Austrian Alps

The first runner-up, winning $100, is Charlie H!

Charlie H.'s first runner up submission

Charlie H.’s first runner up submission

The second runner-up, winning $50, is Sarah B. looking over the Danube River in Durnstein, Austria.


Sarah B.’s second runner up submission in Austria

We had so many amazing photos submitted to us. It made the decision process very difficult! We wanted to share a few more of our favorites with you:

Adrian T.'s submission

Adrian T.’s submission

Curtis R.'s submission

Curtis R.’s submission


Jill P.’s submission



















photo (17)

Melissa P.'s submission

Melissa P.’s submission

Dave C.'s submission on Baskahegan Stream in Maine

Dave C.’s submission on Baskahegan Stream in Maine





















"Top of the Fanny Pack Food Chain" by Benson

“Top of the Fanny Pack Food Chain” by Benson :)


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