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August 13, 2009

Dear Duluth Pack Blogger Molly and fellow Duluth Pack Lovers,

My name is Conor Macleod Keenan, I’m a filmmaking graduate student and a life long paddler. I’m typing this message on my phone while In the car on a road trip from LA to the Arctic Circle were I’ll be shooting a film while paddling the entirety of the remote Hiukitak river, finishing in Bathurst Inlet.


When I was four years old I went on my first canoe trip with my family. My folks had a classic Duluth Pack which we used for our tent and other equipment. I remember tryin it on in the driveway before we left and immediately keeling over like a turtle on it’s back. Later when i went to a canoeing expedition summer camp based in northern Minnesota we used Duluth packs exclusively for trips of all levels.

Now, that same Duluth pack from when I was four is in the back of our rented minivan as my intrepid crew (of only 3 others) and I make our way up Alberta. That pack is joined by 11 other brand spankin’ new Duluth packs that we’re using for this unique student film.

When I was planning this film shoot my mind immediately went to Duluth packs. Of course all the camera equipment and film is in waterproof hard cases but those cases can’t be portaged on their own! Our 9,600 feet of raw film stock fills one entire pack; camera and lenses fill another; our solar panels and batteries another, and the sound equipment a fourth. Three #4 packs contain the three weeks of food for our group of four, and our clothes, tents, and other equipment fit into the remaining packs with room to spare.


We are traveling light by the normal standards of a film shoot, but it’s a lot of gear for four people to squeeze into two canoes to be sure, and Duluth packs are the only way I could think of to keep the gear low in the canoe when we’re on white water, and easy to get at when we’re on land.

I probably won’t have Internet access after I send this message (if I’m able to send it at all) but I hope you’ll check back for an update when we return from the trip in August.

Thanks again to Duluth Pack for helping with the packs and thanks for reading!


  • Nicki P December 27, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    What a great story! Have you heard anything else from him? I’d love to hear how his trip went and how the packs worked out!

  • Steve N January 28, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    I’m with you, Nicki! I’d love to hear how Conor’s trip turned out and LOVE to see some of the pics that he and his crew took throughout their fabulous journey.

    Very respectfully, Steve N

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