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January 4, 2016





Products featured in items above: The Elite Series Clutch, #100 Deluxe Shell Bag, and the Mini Haversack. Shop all products in our retail store or online at

We hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season. Did you get what you wanted that was wrapped under the tree? If not, it’s really okay to get it and gift yourself.

No gimmicks, no games, no regrets. It’s time to invest in the best for yourself.

In this post, we are rounding up our top sellers throughout the year that can work well for any lifestyle or desire. First thing is first, what do you need your Duluth Pack for?


If you’re looking for a bag that will accompany you between portages or pub crawls, the #51 Deluxe Pack is the one for you. With it’s simple design, rugged aesthetic, and space for whatever you may need, it has quickly become a hit at trade shows, our retail store, and in online sales. Shop it here .


You could be the type of person who wants stability, consistency, and durability. We have a bag for that. The Standard Portfolio is the ideal size briefcase for all your desk and office essentials. With a shoulder strap, zip closure, and is the identical piece to our large briefcase designs, but just more compacted. This is less bulk and more briefcase.


A backpack style product is always going to be a classic in society. It can take you appropriate from class, to work, to the woods. However, not everyone wants an all zip closure and more of a unique look. The Duluth Pack Rucksack is just that. With a buckle front, included pockets, and drawstring top the Rucksack will carry your goods protectively and stylishly.


Everyone needs a mini sidekick of some kind. One that we provide is called the Mini Haversack . It is designed to hold technology devices, store and organize trinkets, like pencils, pens, business cards, and keys. With a secure buckle closure and ideal cross body size, the Mini Haversack is one not to miss.

Thank you to our friend, Courtney Steeves for featuring us in a recent shoot with our products that are featured in this post.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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