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March 14, 2016

When people mention, “Keep the past in the past”, it’s understandable but sometimes fun to do a flashback of memories or moments that make you smile. Today we want to focus on a wonderful 2015 year with you. Sure, every year comes with the good, the bad, and the ugly wonderful, but we find it important to focus on the good and the wonderful portion and be grateful for each moment we were given.

After all the chaos of the holiday season, festivities from the New Year, and the grind back at work, we now have a clear mind to focus on everything that happened within the last 365 days that molded 2015 to be one of the best in Duluth Pack history. We have grown so much as a business with all of our branches (production, retail store, website, wholesale dealers, social media) that it is something that we have to rub our eyes really hard, reopen them and make sure it’s real. It’s real, alright!

To get an entire perspective of what happened in 2015, we had to dig through past social media posts, blog entries, giveaways, contests, and meet with every department on what they grew from or what they learned.

This is what we took away from it all:

Our customers are second to none. This statement does not come as a slight surprise to us. You have all been incredibly loyal to Duluth Pack, watched us grow, helped us reach new levels, told our story, brought us around the world, shared with friends, and became a family with us. As a company and brand, we can’t ask for anything else. If it wasn’t for you, Duluth Pack would not be where it is today.

Here is a snippet of photos that our customers have given us permission to use from 2015 with their Duluth Packs! We can’t wait to see where we got with you in 2016! Here’s to a lifetime friendship together.


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– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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