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April 3, 2013

A fan of Duluth Pack, and songwriter, Luke Brindley, shared with us his blog post. It is about how our packs helped inspire his new song.

“So, last Fall I had this burst of creativity that resulted in most of the songs that started this project.

During the same time I was also looking for a new backpack. I forget how I came across it, but I settled on this durable, canvas style originally made for canoeing by Duluth Pack in Duluth, Minnesota. Somehow this led me to reading about the rivers and lakes of Minnesota. Kind of a roundabout story, but I ended up writing this song.

Enjoy and please take a second to spread the word about this site.




We are so glad to help inspire people! Click here to check out Luke’s full post, and click here to listen to his song.


Has Duluth Pack inspired you in any way – to take a certain trip, to reach a goal, etc? Please share!

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