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Locally Grown Series – Part 2: Jen

June 24, 2014

The second segment of our “Locally Grown Series

This series will highlight some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Local Grown Series - Jen

Jen is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry. We visited her in her classroom, office, and lab at the College of Saint Scholastica where her students were undergoing a honey study. She took along her Deluxe Book Bag in royal blue canvas.

She grew up in Duluth, left to get her degrees, but now, teaching and living here, she thinks “to be able to do it all in Duluth is kind of a miracle.” Jen loves the outdoor opportunities of Duluth and the family-aspect.

You’ll often catch Jen at Minnesota Point with her dogs: from the wooden paths to the beach… it’s the “best of everything.” Or possibly at Bent Paddle enjoying a local brew. Other than micro brews, her hobbies involve the outdoors: hiking with the dogs, cross country skiing, kayaking, volleyball, and going to the cabin.

This bag was actually a surprise present to replace her previous Duluth Pack that was stolen. She loves the color and functionality of this bag. The professional aspect – casual and just fancy enough.

We’re glad you’re a fan, Jen! Thanks for your support. 

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