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Locally Grown Series – Part 3: Brad

June 27, 2014

The third segment of our “Locally Grown Series

This series will highlight some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Local Grown Series - Brad

Brad is the Minister of Culture & Propaganda for Fitgers Brewhouse, Tycoons Alehouse, Burrito Union, Redstar Lounge, and Endion Station Public House. Brad is one of the co-creators of our Growler Pack!

Not so long ago, Brad was in the top 15 nationally in cross country skiing and training for the Olympics. He continues to ski, bike, and spend time in the outdoors in general. His favorite spots in Duluth are Chester Park (the creek and ski trail), Magney-Snivley park for skiing, and Park Point.

Brad is a member of “three and a half” bands performing often in the Duluth area including the Black-Eyed Snakes, and the Boomchucks.

Another hobby is camping and being with his daughter. He has enjoyed sharing his lifestyle with her and bringing her up in the outdoors.

In college, Brad went to the BWCA with his friend, an Olympic paddler. His friend had many Duluth Packs and introduced the brand to Brad.

The Growler Pack collaboration was sought out by Brad: “years ago we made a growler bag, but it was obvious to make a revised, upgraded product with Duluth Pack.” Before their first one, they had never heard of a growler pack on the market. When we asked what’s next, he replied, “hmm.. Beer Pannier.”


Thanks for chatting with us, Brad! 

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