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July 18, 2013


Today we have launched a new collection of products. It features a collaboration with Faribault Woolen Mills. Faribault Woolen Mills dyes, spins, and weaves wool in Faribault, MN. It then treks 200 miles north to Duluth where it is cut, sewn, and finished using materials and techniques of the highest quality at Duluth Pack. The wool used for the new Foot Soldier Series is made to military specs that have been maintained since WWI. Faribault Mill has produced blankets for soldier use in both World Wars. “A rugged and relentless fabric, US soldiers have praised its ability to perform in the field under the harshest of conditions and last the test of time,” says Faribault Mills. What better material to use on a guaranteed for life pack?

The new Trapper Series is recognized by its distinctive triple striped pattern. The mill has made the Trapper wool in a variety of offerings, but this season the featured combinations are an indigo and red with a denim lining and an olive and natural wool with a natural canvas lining.

New Collection Look Book Video

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