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December 23, 2015

Investing in the best is exactly that – investing .

Trust us, we know. Our American made and handcrafted lifetime guarantee products are expensive and are considered a luxury item. However, we do design and produce products that are similar to our more splurgy items, but still come with all the benefits of being a Duluth Pack, plus are less of a price tag.


SPLURGE – Medium Sportsman’s Duffel in Great Lakes Canvas

MAP Retail Price: $325 / All Bison Leather Option MAP Retail Price: $495


SAVE – Small Safari Duffel in Khaki Canvas

MAP Retail Price: $188


Around the holidays, most of us are traveling, whether that be a short or long distance. Either way, you and your family have to pack up your most festive outfits and get to your destination in style. We are breaking down the similarities, differences, and price points of our best selling luggage pieces – the Medium Sportsman’s Duffel and the Small Safari Duffel. The Medium Sportsman’s Duffel is by far one of the most stunning handcrafted items we have designed thus far. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the simplistic detailing and hardware is timeless, and the leather accents are rugged but polished. However, the price point is one of our most expensive pieces and for all leather it ups the ante. The safe and less expensive choice for a Duluth Pack luggage good is our Safari Collection, which includes the Small Safari Duffel. With easy to use zipper opening, comfortable handles, and design aspect to hold more than enough, this less expensive choice will give you the luxury of owning a Duluth Pack, plus be less of an impact on your bank account. Shop the Medium Sportsman’s Duffel in canvas and leather and the Small Safari Duffel both in store or online at



SPLURGE – Sportsman’s Kit Bag in Olive Drab Canvas

MAP Retail Price: $115 / All Bison Leather Option MAP Retail Price: $140


SAVE – Grab N Go Bag in Burgundy Canvas


Another product that can add up in cost is a good and handy dopp kit or better known as a shaving kit bag. They are useful for so many ways, including holding a person’s hygiene products. One of our top selling items is our Sportsman’s Kit Bag. It comes with a zip closure, leather accents, a loop hole for easy handling, and is just the right size to pack in any bag. At $115, this product can be a bit spendy. To overcome the worries or questioning desiccation to buy or not to buy, we have created a new product called, the Grab N Go . For only $28 retail, yes you read the right, you get a smaller kit bag without the same design elements, but at a much less of an amount. Another great aspect of the Grab N Go is that it not only secures someone’s toothbrush and razor, but is a great lipstick case, pencil pouch, or trinket carrier. Buy yours here .


SPLURGE – #100 Bison Leather Shell Bag w/ Black Trim


SAVE – #50 Shell Bag in Black Canvas


Finding your sidekick companion: AKA your new favorite purse can by tricky and pricey. However, finding a purse you will have for your entire existence is nearly impossible, except that we have quite a few you can choose from. We offer a wide range of products like our square purse design – the Mini Haversack , the buckle flap product – The Shell bag , the all zipper closure – The Traverse Crossbody , and the list goes on. One of the splurge purse styles is the all American Bison Leather #100 Shell Bag . It is beautiful, refined, and is classy. However, it comes with a price of $210.00. If you’re loving the style, but want to find a more suitable purse for everyday that can take on the wear and tear and still not break the bank is our #50 Standard Shell Bag in any of our 15 + canvas colors. You really can’t beat a selection like that for $65.00.


SPLURGE – Executive Portfolio in Black Canvas


SAVE – Standard Book Bag in Brown Canvas


Last, but certainly not least is our discussion on the splurge and savings of briefcase designs and elements. By far our number one selling briefcase style is the Executive Portfolio . It comes with a remarkable esthetic of rich leather embellishment, strong hardware, and enough room to carry your office essentials, including your laptop, iPad, and documents. If you like the concept of a carry all, but not willing to pay the price, we have a great pick that will suit all your needs. The Duluth Pack Standard Book Bag is just that. With simple details and easy access to your daily needs, the Standard Book Bag comes with a comfortable cross body strap and posses the same buckle closure as the splurge example.

We hope we helped break down our most beloved splurge items and our great savers. What were your favorite comparisons? A special thank you to our friend and photographer, Amanda from Jane Cane Photography for the featured photo for this blog post. Shop the coffee mugs featured above here .

– Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Duluth Pack

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