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Sportsman’s Duffel

April 13, 2013

This week, our Sportsmans Duffel was featured on Bloomberg’s Loot Blog.

They wrote this great note:

“For a slightly more upscale version of rugged living, there’s the “Sportsman’s Duffel” from Duluth Pack, the Minnesota-based outfitter. At $240, it might seem pricey for a canvas bag. Considering it’s guaranteed for life, you’re allowed to engage in the most reliable justification for buying anything: amortization. So if you have 25 ambulatory years ahead of you, that’s less than $10 a year. Cheap.”


We definitely agree! Our products have value. A lot of value.

Check out the bag on our website.

Thanks for the great post, and thanks for being a friend of Duluth Pack!

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