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What We Wear: Hunters Essentials

November 4, 2013

There are a few items that all Hunters need.

  1. An Original Stormy Kromer cap. Warmth, protection from the sun, and some hunter’s orange safety. Also at
  2. Merino wool base layers, like these from Icebreaker. The warmth is obvious, the comfort is a serious bonus, but the reason they made this list is the odor control!
  3. A Duluth Pack bag. The Wanderer is one of our favorites for hunting trips. You can carry anything is this backpack.
  4. And as our apparel buyer says, the “perfect man’s man pant.” Stormy Kromer’s Bunkhouse Trouser. It’s the ideal choice to complete the hunters outfit. Comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

Throw on some wool socks, boots, and your favorite blaze coat/vet and you’re set. All of these products are available at our store in Canal Park, Duluth, MN.

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