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February 16, 2015
The Duluth Pack Store

Shop Local

Shopping local has seemed to pick up not only as a trend, but more of a lifestyle choice for individuals around the country and even the world in some cases (thank you and round of applause to you all!). It’s the customers like you who allow us to do what we love and succeed at each and every day.

Why we are zoning in on this topic is because it’s important to the Duluth Pack brand and our existence as a company. Not only geographically here in Duluth, Minnesota, but also for our customers on our website. You may never travel to our neck of the woods (way up North – ya betcha!) but you can still get the shop local charm, experience, and appreciation through our website found at: Our Midwest roots, Northern influence, and classic looks (real dapper appearance at that – wink, wink) are what we want to be able to share with anyone, anywhere, at any time and still have them support a small company and brand who has never strayed from it’s geographical roots.

In a nutshell, we want to thank you all who have stuck with Duluth Pack since you can remember, just were introduced to our brand, or even if you haven’t purchased something – at least you are reading this and are becoming educated on Duluth Pack. We’ve put a lot of work and pride to get our brand recognized and cherished globally and it has been fun having you along for the ride. So, fasten your seat belts, because we are just taking off as not only your favorite Duluth local company, but a quaint stuck-to-their-roots brand that you are ready to see hit every global market but not change our dynamics, way of things, or even our traditions.

The Lowdown

Valentine’s Gift Guide 101

February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day. It’s either seen as a tragedy, waste of time (possibly money in some’s eyes too), or the greatest day to ever be invented (round of applause to Hallmark) to some. So, rather than panicking last minute on what to get your beloved, it’s okay to lean on a shoulder (cough, Duluth Pack) for some helpful advice and ideas.

Most women are on the ball when it comes to planning out holidays, events, parties, etc, but it’s the men (yes, we are talking about you ) who need that little nudge to conquer the dreaded topic, “What do I get my honey for Valentine’s Day?”. Don’t close the tab or even feel shameful, it’s the mass of the population out there too. However, we’ve put together a list of most loved products Duluth Pack offers. It’s time to step up the Valentine’s Day gift giving act and actually get your love something they desire and hey, last forever too!

Don’t get me wrong, flowers give women the butterflies, chocolates are beyond delicious (especially the ones with the caramel filling – oh yeah!), and who doesn’t love a soft teddy bear? But, it’s time to get the unexpected!

Here’s the low down in a nice and simple fashion for you:

Now, enjoy your Valentine’s and don’t fret. You will no longer be the last minute man or the predictable human for gifting the same thing year after year.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Duluth Pack!

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February 10, 2015


This series is one of our most tediously crafted quality goods and it has earned its right to be in the limelight. This series gives off an effortlessly cool vibe, yet still remains professional, classic, and as always, durable !

Our Elite Series inspiration was created by the gorgeous contrast of our leather and canvas bags that are requested to be monogrammed or embroidered (if you’ve been on the fence of this, do it! They look outstanding!) . It’s a collection that Duluth Pack has handcrafted and expanded upon. The current products available with this stylish almost, “sleek and chic” essence include: The one-of-a-kind Elite Sportsman’s Tote, the remarkable Elite #100 Shell Bag, and the striking Elite Sportsman’s Duffel. All of these creations are available in our retail store located at 365 Canal Park Drive in Duluth, Minnesota and on our well established website at!

The ora that the Duluth Pack Elite Series entails is one of timeless beauty, a showpiece that is highly wanted around the globe, and is American beauty at its finest. Did you know that Duluth Pack not only makes all of our Duluth Pack packs, totes, purses, and bags only in Duluth, Minnesota , but we also source as many American goods that help us to handcraft our products as much as possible.

Duluth Pack is going on its 133rd continuous year in business. So, we’ve been around the block for quite sometime and understand what products, sources, and techniques will last you and the next generations without or little hassle.

Some people question if we make our products almost “too good”. Which, yes, is a compliment, because they won’t need another. However, once individuals know about the quality and the one, only, and the original story behind the oldest canvas and leather bag making company in the USA , they understand they want more. I mean, you can’t just choose one color, so you might as well buy another (or five!) .

So, without further ado, go check out our newly relaunched and promoted Elite Series. It’s the most elegant collection we have ever handcrafted thus far and we’re ready to give it the main stage. Happy shopping friends!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown

The People Behind The Packs

February 9, 2015

You’ve been curious. We know it. Don’t deny. We can almost smell the sense of curiosity. It’s now that time when Duluth Pack is introducing the hardworking employees behind its quality products.

Here it is. Plain, simple, and to the point. This is Duluth Pack’s Motto: T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More!

What is the significance behind this quote and what does its involvement mean with this particular blog post today? A LOT!

Here at Duluth Pack we are more than just employees, we’re a team, and ultimately a family. May seem cliche and hey, even slightly corny, but it’s the utter most truth. This segment is about you all getting to know Duluth Pack beyond just the canvas and leather products. It’s time to meet the hard working people behind the packs who handcraft, promote, ship, and sell it every day!

We’ve asked questions regarding the company, favorite Duluth Pack product, and yes, even the personal mush gush questions that every one is always a little curious about knowing, even if they won’t admit it at first. So, without a further a do, here are some of the women and men who are the Duluth Pack team. (And please feel free to give anyone of them a hard time for their guilty pleasure!) .


  • “There are so many cool bags I wish I could justify having. That being said, I think the Jet Setter is one of the most versatile, unique bags, that everyone could find a use for” – Trenton / Customer Service Manager
  • “I have to choose just one?! I’d have to say the Bison Shell Bag. The Safari Duffle is an extremely close second. Bother are very versatile!” – Molly / Retail Store Manager
  • “My favorite Duluth Pack Product is the Heavy Duty #3 Duluth Pack Canoe Pack. Reason being is because it is the perfect size for a gear pack/food pack. I’ve carried one all over Northern MN and the Quetico leading youth canoe trips and across the Grand Portage.” Brent / Customer Service Representative
  • “For Duluth Pack manufactured product I love my Market Tote – Large, Useful, and Functional, I use it every day! Also in love with the bison leather!” – Elizabeth / Retail Assistant Manager
  • “The Domer Bags! Even though I’m a Packer Fan, I can appreciate the memories that everyone has from the Metrodome. Being able to carry a piece of that with you is truly priceless.” Nicole / Buyer


  • “I’ve been working at the flagship retail store in Canal Park as a sales associate for almost two years and have loved every second of it!” – Maggie / Sales Associate at Retail Store
  • “Working on six years!” – Sam / Hard Goods Buyer
  • “7 + years” – Becky / Manager Corporate/Dealer Accounts
  • “I’ve been employed here at Duluth Pack for a year and a half already! It’s been the best and most fun job I’ve ever had by far!” – Andrea / Soft Goods Buyer


  • “Friends over and over on DVD! (Not on Netflix).” – Natalie / Team Lead at Retail Store
  • “Coca-Cola! Enjoy a Coke with your friend.” – Kyle / General Manager
  • “Even though I am only 23, my guilty pleasure is an activity that is most common among a population quite a bit older than me…playing solitaire for hours on end! My boyfriend thinks I will be burnt out from solitaire by the time I turn 80, but I beg to differ!” – Maggie / Sales Associate at Retail Store
  • “To sit around my fire pit with family and friends having a beer.” – Tom / President
  • “Merino wool boxers.” – Sam / Hard Goods Buyer
  • “Unfortunately, my guilty pleasure are Milk Duds. I’m pretty sure I am a sugar addict. I once made it 45 days without eating any sweets and I thought that would cure my addiction – it didn’t. I craved Milk Duds every day. Oh yeah, I love cake and brownies too. And cookies.” – Abe / Marketing Director
  • “Iced mocha coffee!” – Becky / Manager Corporate/Dealer Accounts
  • “Disney movies, I could watch them all day even at the age of 23!” – Morgan / Team Lead at Retail Store


  • “Go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere for a weekend getaway.” – Kyle / General Manager
  • “I want to climb Mt. Reiner. I’ve already been to much higher elevation in the state and Nepal, but I want to do something more technical.” – Trenton / Customer Service Manager
  • “To get to all 50 states in the USA. Only one left to go – New Hampshire.” – Tom / President
  • “To compete at upper levels of eventing (horseback riding) and to backpack and kayak across New Zealand.” – Elizabeth / Retail Assistant Manager
  • “I’ve never really thought of this, but I would love to golf some of the famous golf courses in the world – Augusta, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews. I would love to travel in luxury too, first class airfare with the seats that fold into beds, flight attendants catering to my every need – sounds like heaven. I love swimming in waterfalls (at the bottom – not the top). And I love the ocean. I would love to do all these things with my amazing wife. An extended stay in Yosemite would be great, too. And rafting down the Grand Canyon.” – Abe / Marketing Director
  • “Spending a weekend in the Stanley Hotel. I am a haunted house and ghost movie fanatic! I would love to stay in the room 217 which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining .”
  • “To go to Paris, walk up the Eiffel Tower, eat croissants and macaroons, and blow a lot of money on high end designer clothing in France. Not too much to ask for…(wink, wink).” – Andrea / Soft Goods Buyer


  • “Enjoyable.” – Natalie / Team Lead at Retail Store
  • “Rewarding.” – Maggie / Sales Associate at Retail Store
  • “Adventure.” – Brent / Customer Service Representative
  • “My job as President is rather dynamic and always changing. In one day, I may be in meetings making decisions regarding marketing, sales, production, retail operations, and shipping and distribution. It equals a lot of shifting gears within the same day.” – Tom / President
  • “Canvas.” – Sam / Hard Goods Buyer
  • “Exciting! For the first time in my life, I work for a company I am proud of. I love the people I work with. I love the products we make and the fact that we stand behind our work. We are like one big family here. We all work together and we make a great here at Duluth Pack.” – Nicole / Buyer
  • “Amazing. Where Else can you learn about what the outdoors industry has to offer, be apart of an amazing historic company, and still interact with people one on one?!” – Morgan / Team Lead at Retail Store
  • “Exciting.” – Molly / Retail Store Manager

After this tid bit of information shared from parts of our Duluth Pack team, we hope you take away more than just a Duluth Pack product. We want you to connect with us beyond just the products we make, but the culture we have created within the company.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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Aging: It’s Inevitable

February 2, 2015


It’s a word with so much power behind it and sadly it’s mostly considered a negative in society. Duluth Pack takes a 180 degree spin on things. We take pride in aging. Why? Because it’s inevitable! We believe aging tells a story. For crying out loud, we are old! We’ve been around since 1882!

We consider our packs somewhat like a person. No, it doesn’t have a beating heart or lungs flow oxygen through the body of the pack, but it has structure, proof of a well lived generation, can communicate stories, and yes, it even ages .

In more cases than not, many of our employees who have owned packs 5 + years are constantly asked if their well worn Duluth Pack can be purchased. Total shocker on society’s aging concepts, right?! Duluth Pack’s products still keep their heritage feel and look with a well loved charm once broken in. Now, you Duluth Pack customers (you’re all the best and thank you for your support and business) understand this! It’s almost like Duluth Pack is a good wine, it just gets better with age.

As Duluth Pack’s President, Tom Sega states, “My Duluth Pack ages better than I am!”. Anyone else have this feeling, too? Another aspect a Duluth Pack product is similar to a person is how to treat the item after it has turned the corner and is considered “aged”. Like an individual, we use anti-aging or beauty brands that we believe make us look our age, but, well better . With Duluth Pack products, if your item is a waxed canvas, we recommend over time re-waxing the item. Locking moisture in and preserving the pack to the highest abilities. Also, our leather products are literally skin, too. As some individuals do, they moisturize with a lotion, body butter, or some kind of vaseline to keep their skin from peeling, breaking, or down right hurting < i> (especially during these harsh winter months) . With our quality leather products, there is also a “cure” for the same outcomes! Check out our selection of leather conditioners and cleaners at and at 365 Canal Park Drive.

Now that are within the first 2 months of the 2015 new year, some people may have put “look younger” as their resolution. We want to preserve age, wear and tear, and mostly the original appeals of what attracts people to Duluth Pack. We aren’t the shiny and in your face, but we radiate quality. Whether a customer is interested in our original canoe packs in olive drab, to a client wanting the bison leather portfolio items we sell, all Duluth Pack’s age. Our parting words with you today will be, “be like your Duluth Pack and flaunt our aging!”.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

Canoeing, The Lowdown

Camping Cravings

January 26, 2015

A picture is supposed to say 1,000 words. One of those words for this photo we believe is heaven.

It’s not some kind flu like symptom that gives you the cold sweats or makes you cough uncontrollably. However, it is a craving and a good one at that. We can’t hold it in any longer, we’re having summer camping cravings here at Duluth Pack! Ps: If you are feeling under the weather right now, we are sending you ‘get better’ wishes!

The crackle of a sparking bonfire, the feeling of the light breeze off the glistening water, the smell of warm air that contains our nostrils, and the call of a loon in the distance. Those are the feelings and memories we miss. So, rather than rant and rave about the past, with this new year we are focusing on ALL the wondering adventures ahead! Look out BWCA we’re coming for you soon!

Are we giving you all a little bit of a tease during this cold weather? Perhaps, but it’s something we are too excited to not talk about! With only 5 short months away, who can’t be? Time to whip open your Duluth Pack canvas camping pack and let the nostalgic memories flow. Grasp that paddle of yours and start working those arms (Yes, even if you’re practicing your paddle strokes on your couch in the family room. Great arm workout by the way!). Lastly, don’t forget to plan ahead! This is something many campers forget or wait until last minute. Tisk, tisk on procrastination. May seem taboo, but it’s true! The 5 months will fly by and one of our favorite seasons will already be knocking on our front door before we know it!

So, get those winter legs of yours moving and make your way down to the Duluth Pack store in Canal Park. If you’re not near our location, don’t fret! An easy solution with a similar outcome would be to jog in place, visit our newly renovated website at, and purchase those essentials that can save your life and ultimately make your camping trip a yay instead of a nay.

Stay warm and healthy!

< - From your friends at Duluth Pack

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Outdoor Retailer, Here We Come!

January 19, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Yes, when our hands feel like sandpaper and lips are dryer than a bone (thank you soothing chapstick and lotion) . But, it’s also the time when our Duluth Pack team including our sales, managers, buyers, and marketing team have boarding pass in tow and head on down to one of the largest outdoor shows! Drum roll, please … Outdoor Retailer!

Not only does our team showcase Duluth Pack’s latest and greatest products and trends, but we also have individuals on the prowl for other goodies to sell on our website < i> ( and in our flagship store located in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota! Anything you’ve been ooing and ahhing over? Tell us! Yes, we want to hear!

You would think choosing our luggage would be an easy task, but think again! Yes, of course the Duluth Pack brand will be carried on our shoulders or tossed over our body, but pairing the right bag with each outfit is a game. With so many choices the only sane idea would be to pack all! Wool, leather, and canvas will be making an appearance in Salt Lake City.

Even if you aren’t hopping on the plane, sharing a bag of Starbursts, gazing at the clouds out the window, and looking for the nearest coffee house with us (5:00 a.m. flight. Oofta!) you can still be a part of the fun! Follow our Instagram page @duluthpack and watch our team as we hunt down the newest and coolest finds and you can be a part of the Duluth Pack family!

Hasta la vista Duluth, hello Salt Lake City!

From your friends at Duluth Pack!

The Lowdown


January 12, 2015

The rumors are true! We’ve been featured in the highly trafficked blog, The Cult Collective. With the seasonal chills and thoughts of summer, we were getting cabin fever. So, we decided to get cozy, embrace the snow, and team up to create this winter wonderland filled with wool and canvas Duluth Pack creations.

Our featured products were the #50 Classic Wool Shell Bag and the Great Lake Canvas Sportsman’s Tote. These two bags have been show stoppers and hits from bloggers, customers, buyers, and retailers world wide (seriously!).



In a cozy little cottage up in Larsmont, Minnesota this phenomenal photo shoot was taken place. The simple necessities in life were among the shots like, chopped wood, an old fashion warm fire, moccasins, a comfortable throw blanket, and a yummy cup of java, along with the latest and greatest apparel pieces that we are drooling over.

We are thrilled to promote and show you the sneak peek of this fun blog posting about our over 132 year old company, brand, and products! You can catch the entire feature at:

From your friends at Duluth Pack!

The Lowdown


January 5, 2015

It’s that time of year, when some of us (I sure know I do) get antsy and need to thaw out from the frigid Northern cold that blows off of Lake Superior.  It is when you need to chime into your animal spirits ways, become a bird, and fly south for the winter. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, it’s almost that easy and Duluth Pack is here to help you out!

Our Duluth Pack Daypacks, Totes, Shell Bags, Duffles, Portfolios, and Scout Packs are sure to help the travel process be more happy and less hectic. Can you say, “Hello, best carry on of my life!”. Duluth Packs are handcrafted to take on that extra TLC or also known as travel beatings. With our stylish seams, tough as nails rivets, durable fabrics, and time tested way, you just can’t beat a Duluth Pack as your new and improved travel buddy. Take note, we like pretzels over peanuts.

Pictured is a Duluth Pack fan traveling home over the holidays in style. Her Roll-Top Scout Pack in Olive Drab Canvas is a sure knockout. This product is available both in our retail store in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota and at!

From your friends at Duluth Pack!

The Lowdown


December 31, 2014

Everything makes a comeback at some point and wool is certainly here to stay for good. Duluth Pack’s Classic Buffalo Check Plaid has been the hot seller this past year and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon in 2015! It’s a new year, so it means it’s time for a new resolution (nice knowing you carbs and sugar, just kidding) and of course a new bag. Whether you’re speed walking in the crowded streets of New York City, sipping on drinks at a local eatery in Los Angeles, or complimenting your layered outfit in Minneapolis, Duluth Pack is sure to be the best accessory. Forewarning, you will get complimented, so be prepared! The wool material is from the established Woolrich brand and radiates an instant cool vibe with the one-of-a-kind detailing and craftsmanship you expect from Duluth Pack. In multiple styles, bags, and unique designs, it’s sure to please the eyes (and even your wallet!). The picture is of infamous southern belle blogger, Katey McFarlan rocking our #50 Classic Wool Shell Bag. Get it while you can, because this bad boy is only $95 and available both in store at 365 Canal Park Drive and at!

Happy New Year from your friends at Duluth Pack!