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October 26, 2015




Quality or quantity. Us humans usually have to choose one or the other. You either get a lot of bang for your buck or spend your pretty penny on lots of things. Either way, one is not right over the other. However, here at Duluth Pack, we believe that having quality friends and quality memories are what mean most. Whether it be drinking wine while watching Netflix on the sofa, sitting on the shoreline with a fishing pole in hand, or getting away on a weekend vacay together. Friends are the people who know us inside and out and will be there for us during our roughest or most amazing days. Friends are keepers.

We like to think your Duluth Pack product is like a friend. No, it doesn’t have a beating heart and can’t be the shoulder you cry on, but it’s there for you. Your Duluth Pack will carry you throughout the adventures, memories, and years to come. Your Duluth Pack will age, as humans do, and it will get bumped and bruised, but it will be there for you. It’s almost if you and your Duluth Pack become one. The handcrafted product will actually mold to your stature. The shoulder straps will have indents and grooves that only your body has created. That’s what really makes a Duluth Pack extra special. It’s guaranteed not only for your life, but its life. Which means, it probably will outlive you!

We’ve been making memories with our customers since 1882 and we have no plans on ever stopping. We cherish the adventures and stories we make with all of you and know a friendship with our customers is second to none. You’re 100% quality to us.

Thank you to photographer, Paige Hogan for the amazing photos pictured in this blog. Please feel free to check out her site HERE .

– From your (quality) friends at Duluth Pack!

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October 22, 2015











Cane we do it? Yes, we cane! Now, before you think, “Hey Duluth Pack, you spelt the word can wrong!” just know it was intentional. Why would we do that? Well, because we partnered up with widely known Duluth and award winning photographer, Amanda Cane from Jane Cane Photography, that’s why!

Whether you have visited Duluth, Minnesota or not, it’s legendary for the fall season. The crisp and fresh air, the noise of Lake Superior slapping against the rocks, and the gorgeous vibrant colors of auburns, burnt oranges, bright reds, and stunning yellows on each leaf. It’s almost mystical. So, to enjoy the most breathtaking season that nature has given us here in the northland, we wanted to enjoy it to full capacity. On a weekday, Amanda trotted out with her sidekick camera, All American models, two fuzzy pups (seriously how adorable are they?!) and packs on packs on packs from no other than us, of course!









This shoot for us was a serious treat. Not only is Amanda a genuine human being and unbelievable photographer, but she is a customer of Duluth Pack! She knows how to capture the essence of our brand and promote the raw products just as they are – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Check out her website HERE and make sure to book her for your next photoshoot. Trust us, you’ll thank us you did!

A special thanks to Amanda from Jane Cane Photography. We are very grateful to have worked with you!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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October 19, 2015

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this day and we can barely stand how excited we are! For the first time ever, Duluth Pack is making limited edition bag that was first handcrafted for an entertain. Today, Duluth Pack launched the exclusively sold online ( ) Duluth Pack x Trampled By Turtles Scout Pack! Yes, YOU can now own the limited edition bag today!

The Limited Edition Duluth Pack x Trampled by Turtles Scout Pack is only available for limited time in the Scout Pack style with Olive Drab canvas. The Trampled by Turtles logo is embroidered in a light whitish hue displayed on this inside. Dress like your favorite Duluth based band now!

Enjoy folks!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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October 15, 2015

Introducing a new style of bag brings the feeling of butterflies in your gut. It’s a huge moment where we expose a new goodie to the market and hope everyone loves it just as much as we do.

That time has come again and the entire Duluth Pack crew is beyond pumped to announce the All Wool Promo Tote – Envelope Style. It’s the perfect little tote to carry your lunch to and from work, the carry all purse for shopping, or the ideal gift bag package to slip in a present. Talk about perfect timing before the holiday, eh?!

The all over Classic Buffalo Check Wool is purchased from our friends at Woolrich and is a timeless pattern that compliments men and women both young and old. The best part? This tote is Made in America, comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, handcrafted with quality wool, and is only $50! Get your paws on this must-have today! Shop it both in store at 365 Canal Park Drive in Duluth, MN or online HERE .

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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October 12, 2015
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If you did not know, you do now. Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack making company in the USA. How old? 133 years and aging!

Aging. Is it taboo? Is it to be ashamed of? Is it to run like Forrest Gump from? Or is is something to embrace?

It’s a word with so much power behind it and sadly it’s mostly considered a negative in society. Duluth Pack takes a 180 degree spin on things (don’t get dizzy now!) . We take pride in aging. Uh huh, that’s right. Why? Because it’s inevitable! We believe aging tells a story. For crying out loud, we are old! I mean, REAL old. We’ve been around since 1882!

We consider our packs somewhat like a person. No, it doesn’t have a beating heart or lungs flow oxygen through the body of the pack, but it has structure, proof of a well lived generation, can communicate stories, and yes, it even ages .

In more cases than not, many of our employees who have owned packs 10 + years are constantly asked if their well worn Duluth Pack can be purchased. Total shocker on society’s aging concepts, right?! Duluth Pack’s products still keep their heritage feel and look with a well loved charm once broken in. Now, you Duluth Pack customers (you’re all the best and thank you for your support and business) understand this! It’s almost like Duluth Pack is a good wine, it just gets better with age.

As Duluth Pack’s President, Tom Sega states, “My Duluth Pack ages better than I am!”. Anyone else have this feeling, too? Another aspect a Duluth Pack product is similar to a person is how to treat the item after it has turned the corner and is considered “aged”. Like an individual, we use anti-aging or beauty brands that we believe make us look our age, but, well better . With Duluth Pack products, if your item is a waxed canvas, we recommend over time re-waxing the item. Locking moisture in and preserving the pack to the highest abilities. Also, our leather products are literally skin, too. As some individuals do, they moisturize with a lotion, body butter, or some kind of vaseline to keep their skin from peeling, breaking, or down right hurting < i> (especially during these harsh winter months) . With our quality leather products, there is also a “cure” for the same outcomes! Check out our selection of leather conditioners and cleaners at and at 365 Canal Park Drive.

Now that are within the first 2 months of the 2015 new year, some people may have put “look younger” as their resolution. We want to preserve age, wear and tear, and mostly the original appeals of what attracts people to Duluth Pack. We aren’t the shiny and in your face, but we radiate quality. Whether a customer is interested in our original canoe packs in olive drab, to a client wanting the bison leather portfolio items we sell, all Duluth Pack’s age. Our parting words with you today will be, “be like your Duluth Pack and flaunt our aging!”

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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October 8, 2015
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In today’s world we’re about a few things. What’s immediate, current, reliable, and recognizable.

Think about it. Why do you think the majority of society demands next day air now? Because, we want it quicker than someone can snap their fingers. The urgent need to posses and own something is gratifying, but has overtaken our patience extremely.

We want what is current. What does everyone else have? Or, what does everyone else not have yet ? Yet, is the key word. This generation is about being in the “now” and having the “it” goodie before it becomes saturated by populations.

Reliable. We’re in a very fast pace lifestyle whether you liven the big cit or small rural town. Urgency is everything nowadays. Go, go, go – breathe, then repeat. If we have a product we can rely on, whether that is a protein bar to help us get through the busy morning or a pair of comfortable shoes that don’t burn your heels or cut your arches, we’re then satisfied.

Recognizable. It makes that item “cool” or that “it factor” everyone craves. Whether you see the item in a 10 second glimpse on the tube or you’re walking past someone wearing a recognizable brand, it may be subconsciously, but you recognize it and immediately connect with it – good, bad, or indifferent.

How do these 4 terms impact or even become involved with Duluth Pack? We’ll break it down for you.

1) Duluth Pack is growing each minute of each day every year. We’re so grateful for the loyalty our fans, followers, and ultimately our customers have brought to us that we are able to do what we love everyday. However, we understand that we aren’t as fast as a cheetah on some obstacles. But, know we are working on them and finding the best solutions and situations for our customers, because we loyal you as well.

2) What’s current. Well, I like to write that Duluth Pack is a bit of a trail blazer on this particular category. Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack making company in the USA. Think of Duluth Pack as the great grandpa to the American Made trend and lifestyle. We’ve been doing it our whole existence and that’s never going to change. Ever .

3) Reliable. It’s the word that has the most bang. Something you can count on whether you are at the top of the mountain or the bottom of the valley. Think of reliability like your friends, family, or acquaintances. What or who is going to be there during all obstacles of life no matter what? We can strongly tell you that a Duluth Pack will be. Hence, the Lifetime Guarantee we offer with each one of our handcrafted products. Thats how much we trust and believe in our products and you should, too.

4) Recognizable. Oh trust us, we get. We’re not the brand you see on a Times Square billboard and instantly know is us. We don’t sweat it, because that isn’t our image. Duluth Pack is the simple canvas and leather product with a small, legendary, circle logo that involves rich detailing and craftsmanship that is second to none. It’s a pack, tote, purse, bag, or case that becomes your best friend through the trails to the tavern. It’s versatile and stylish all rolled in one, just like you.

Check out Duluth Pack’s full line of Made in America products in store at 365 Canal Park Drive in Duluth, MN or shop online HERE . Thank you to blogger, Katey McFarlan for the featured image. Pictured is the #50 Shell Bag in Classic Wool sold HERE .

– From your friends at Duluth Pack!

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October 5, 2015

You heard that right! (yes, that was intended).

FREE ADULT BEVERAGES. FREE DELICIOUS APPETIZERS. FREE DULUTH PACK RAFFLES. You can’t beat an event like Duluth Pack’s Ladies Night on October 8th – cough, cough – this upcoming Thursday! No excuses, mark those calendars!

We’ve teamed up once again with the fabulous folks from Black Water Martini Lounge on Superior Street along with our friends at Lole! There will be giveaways at the end of the night, including some Duluth Pack products!

Come one, come all! We’re excited to be able to have a fun night with all of our wonderful customers. Please feel free to share the word and reserve your invite on the Duluth Pack Facebook Events Page found HERE .

We can’t wait to see you all at our flagship store in Canal Park! P.s. there is free parking in the back!

Directions found HERE .

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like asking for directions (or admitting they did) – no worries – it will be our little secret that we helped you out.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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October 1, 2015

You asked for it, so we are bringing it back, people! It’s not just one week, not even just two, and why stop at three? For the ENTIRE month of October (yes, you read the right!), Duluth Pack is hosting a free photo contest for anyone who is interested in participating.

The guidelines are fool proof. Here’s how to enter the Duluth Pack October 2015 Photo Contest:

1) Snap a photo of your Duluth Pack anywhere in the world.

2) Email the photo to [email protected] with subject “Photo Contest Photo” through the month of October.

3) If you have social media accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, please upload them and #duluthpackphotocontest and

4) Fool proof – you’re entered!

5) Sit back, relax, and wait for the winners to be announced. Cross your fingers and toes it’s you!

Please note: “By entering the photo contest, you give Duluth Pack the rights to use your photos for marketing and promotional purposes without written credit.”

The three lucky winners will be announced at the end of the photo contest within the first two weeks of November. First place winners will receive a $200 Duluth Pack gift card. Second place will win a whopping $100 gift card and third place will be sent a great gift card amount of $50. If you need more information on the October 2015 Duluth Pack Photo Contest, please feel free to head over to our website by clicking the link HERE .

Good luck, friends! We can’t wait to see all the snaps you have and hear about all the stories that go along with them, too!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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September 28, 2015




image1 3

Today’s blog post is one we have been waiting to do! We officially have an artist who is showing off their Duluth Pack! Who exactly? Hozier – that’s who!

The extremely talented songwriter and artist recently performed at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul, MN. Again, Duluth Pack was able to partner up with close buds, XCEL Energy Center and custom embroider the Duluth Pack Urban Pack for him. Before the fun and festive night began, Hozier was hand delivered the handcrafted Duluth Pack.

The Urban Pack that Hozier was gifted is a traditional style pack with an urban twist. The Urban Pack is great for a day trip or back and forth on campus. It features a spacious interior, two snap enclosure front pockets, a water bottle pouch on one side, and a snap enclosure pocket on the other. Basically, the hardiest and most rugged / contemporary pack we have ever designed. Shop the pack HERE .



Here’s to celebrities, campers, hikers, business folk and every one else in between to enjoying Duluth Pack products!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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September 24, 2015

Duluth Pack customer meet your craftsperson, craftsperson meet your customer!

At Duluth Pack, our sewers, cutters & riveters take unbelievable pride in their artwork and craftsmanship. You won’t find a more talented and dedicated group of artists who care more about perfecting their work. This is why with every handmade Duluth Pack product, you can find the sewer’s name right on the tag. It’s not quality assurance – it’s loving what you do and loving what you make.

You’ve been curious. We know it. Don’t deny. We can almost smell the sense of curiosity. It’s now that time when Duluth Pack is introducing the hardworking employees behind its quality products. Duluth Pack’s craftspeople take so much pride in what they create, that they actually came up with the concept of personally signing each and every bag they produce. Want to know where to find the signature of the sewer who handcrafted your bag just for you? 1) Flip over the “Made in America” tag to find the craftsperson’s signature. 2) Meet them with THIS link. P.s. you can even write them a letter to thank them!

Here it is. Plain, simple, and to the point. This is Duluth Pack’s Motto: T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More! What is the significance behind this quote and what does its involvement mean with this particular blog post today? A LOT!

Here at Duluth Pack we are more than just employees, we’re a team, and ultimately a family. May seem cliche and hey, even slightly corny, but it’s the utter most truth. This segment is about you all getting to know Duluth Pack beyond just the canvas and leather products. It’s time to meet the hard working people behind the packs who handcraft day in and day out the products you purchase!

We’ve asked questions regarding the company, favorite Duluth Pack product, and yes, even the personal mush gush questions that every one is always a little curious about knowing, even if they won’t admit it at first. So, without a further a do, here are some of the women and men who make up the Duluth Pack team. (And please feel free to give anyone of them a hard time for their guilty pleasure!) . Click THIS link to read up on the people behind the packs!

So, who handcrafted your Duluth Pack? Comment their name below!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack