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May 28, 2015
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There are so many of us who dream of owning our own business. We imagine the life of being the best entrepreneur possible, having the title – “Head Honcho”, driving a brand or company to go from A-Z and rolling in the big bucks. Yeah, it does sound great, right? It is, but it is much more than putting your feet up, having food delivered to your desk and fun conversations during meetings. What most don’t think about are the long nights, extraordinary internal “got-to-do-it” drive and incredible risk in making a career successful and booming.

Quite often, I am blown away by the amount of organization, sanity, day juggling and needs our upper management faces day after day. This morning we sit down with the President of Duluth Pack, Tom Sega. He opens up about his morning ritual, inspirations and talks what the top of his desk looks like on a daily basis.

Tom Sega – Duluth Pack’s President

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Before we even begin, I casually walk into Tom’s office and plop down in a chair across from his dark wood desk. He swivels his chair over, huge smile on his face and a Mountain Dew within an arm’s length away. He proudly waves me over to his laptop and peers with full excitement at his screen. We are staring at a new project in the works that is top secret . “This is exciting news”, he states. I couldn’t agree more, it absolutely is. Ps: You all will be happy once it is released.

I hunker back down in the chair and open up my notebook of curious questions. I mean, really.. how does someone take on so many responsibilities of a internationally recognized brand and remain so humble? After a conversation just shy of an hour, here is what I discovered and help answer that very quesiton:

How do you…

Start your morning: Drinking coffee with my lovely wife while having a great discussion.

Stay motivated: It is so easy to stay motivated when you truly believe in what you are doing. When you are a quality first company and employing, hard working Americans, it is a passion and my duty to make sure we grow the Duluth Pack brand.

Remain inspired: By being able share the 133 year history and heritage of the longest running USA based canvas and leather, pack and bag Manufacturer. Also, to see our payroll grow as we add more talented people and extend the Duluth Pack brand to new markets and locations.

Lead a company: By setting people up for success and allowing them to do what they do so well. I hope that I inspire others to be the best they can be. I love being able to share my passion for the Duluth Pack Brand. My dad always said, “ You can do anything that you put your mind to and are willing to work hard for. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something that inspires you .”

Motivate others: I truly hope that all others are motivated and inspired by being allowed to do what they do so well. I will challenge people to think out of the box and push their boundaries. I want others to be fearless.

Find personal balance: At times can be a struggle for me, but as I have become older I have come to understand that I can not do it all and I need to allow the very talented people around me to do what they do so well. I believe this comes from my passion for what we are doing at Duluth Pack.
My get aways are, being with family, in my bow stand hunting alone and with a fishing pole in my hand.

Stay organized: This has always been a struggle for me as my plate is quite full. Thank goodness for smartphones and scheduling apps.

End your day: With family, read to wind down and check the google analytics web app one last time. Sorry, can’t help myself in seeing how our web site ended the day.

After the time has come, all questions are answered and some jokes are thrown back and forth. I politely thank, Tom for his time and complete transparency on his title and position within the company. He states, “Know what you stand for, who your customer is and why you are doing this. Once you do, then the grind time begins, but it’s worth it.” With this last statement, he gives me the ‘knuckles’ hand sign, sends me off with a smile and just in time his phone rings and right there he starts all over again with another meeting. I’m proud to call him the leader of Duluth Pack.

The Lowdown


May 23, 2015

Dare to dream and drive to do. Society is to the point of attempting to control us. “Look this way, do that, wear this, eat that”. It’s only exhausting if you give into their temptation. We want you to tear up their standards and crumple them into the garbage and say, “Hasta la vista!”. Duluth Pack praises you for being you, folks. Perfect, enjoyable, unique, anti-ordinary you. If everyone were the same, existence would be so predictably and utterly boring. Every person brings something to the table that makes people think and become inspired. Don’t go changin’, friends! We accept, applaud and are inspired by you.

Dreamers unite. You’re the one who’s push the envelope and reach for what society calls, “the unthinkable, undoable and the extraordinary”. We just call you the go-getters. Whether your interests and passions are in the arts, sciences, sports, technology, style, business, theater, music, etc – go get em’ tiger!

It’s like Duluth Pack as a company. If we changed up our theories, goals, aspirations and what we stick to as a core, we wouldn’t even been in existence today. Our stories are the same, heritage continues, our motto is consistent and the Duluth Pack brand remains. Sure, we could have redone our business plans, aspirations and conformed to what the rest of the population in canvas and leather goods did, but why? We don’t give in. We stick to our guns and don’t budget. We’re feisty (and friendly of course) and in the end, thrived . We are who we are. Duluth Pack gets it, we aren’t for everyone. Our goods are a premium product with a whole lot of punch in the quality, but also come with a Made in America price tag. We understand and it doesn’t bother us one bit. That’s who we are and our DNA. We are a quality Made in America brand that handcrafts products from top to bottom and stays loyal to the Lifetime Guarantee for craftsmanship and hardware. Sure, we may be a touch bias, but that’s quite a bargain for what you pay. Wouldn’t you say? (The rhyme seemed necessary)

In the end, go today and every day as you. Dream on, dreamers. Get thrown to the wolves and come back the leader of the pack.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 21, 2015

Nature is all around us, as difficult as it might be to see sometimes. Get out of your chair, away from your screen and really look around you. The blue sky above, the beaming sun beating down on your neck while you walk, the dandelions and foliage growing in between the sidewalk blocks and the call from a bird overhead. In this concrete jungle we call home, sometimes we bypass the obvious. It’s apparent and inevitable. The tall oak trees become city skylines, the moon’s bright appearance is overshadowed by street lights and the sounds of sirens whistle by rather than the wind. Thats demand of populations growing, forests shrinking and cities booming. It’s reality.

We are so distracted by many obstacles every day – . Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time for just ourselves, even for just a moment. There is constant commotion, demands and hustle and bustle lifestyles (which are wonderful, don’t get us wrong) but sometimes we need to just stop and smell the roses – seriously . We has a whole species need to take a deep breathe of fresh Mother Earth air, listen to the songs from the chickadees, really feel the textured sand grains between our toes, scream at the top of our lungs while reaching a summit and realize, nature is what we need . It’s what we need to be as living, breathing, beautiful human beings.

The excitement of ‘bright lights big city’ is there and we can all feel at some point in our lives, but then we want to become centered again. That centered place is where we get peace in our minds and gratitude in ours hearts. One may prefer the woods, where another enjoys the beach. Either way, nature is the full focus, whether you realize it or not.

Maybe we feel we can never really escape the modern day commitments, but you can in many different circumstances. Go to the local farmer’s market and purchase flowers. Water them, feed them, have the sun shine it’s rays on their petals and appreciate the delightful scent they bring. If it’s raining, don’t pity, feel the water drench your palms and wash away your worries. Focus on recycling your products rather than just tossing. Remember, “What goes around comes around” and in this case, recycling materials are exactly what we want back. Realize the simple things mean the most to us and affect how we feel, what we do, what we eat and what we surround ourselves with.

Nature is one of us, it’s in our core, in our soul and surrounds us daily. It’s a sanctuary, an escape and the secret to appreciating beauty in everything.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 18, 2015

Shopping in your man’s closet is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe not, but it’s pretty darn close in some of our opinions.

The whole “North” fashion fad has become all the rage lately and we’re all about it. Perfectly plaid flannels, baggy slim ex-boyfriend denim, Ray-Ban sunnies, and our beloved Duluth Pack Scout Pack is all you need to complete this street style worthy ensemble. Let’s give a big round of applause to our men! Without having to look far and wide, we’re able to go right to their side of the closet and pick out an outfit that is head turning worthy (on the verge of snapping necks – that good!).

Before you think, “yeah right!” just wait a tick. You may have the thought, “I’m this size and he is that size – not the same or even close” and we say, “don’t sweat it!” Maybe you don’t have to take every single piece of clothing, hoard it away – (ahem, never give it back, because it’s that comfy), or actually use any of his manly cologned pieces, but rather become inspired, enthused, and ultimately create an outfit or outfits that he can relate to and become your somewhat fashion muse.

Here are a few staples that you can find in the majority of men’s closets whether they are trekking in the woods, reading the paper in the city, or laying on the beach. These are clothing essentials that are most common and packed with quality and brand recognition. So, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?


We’re starting from the top and working our way down. Bring on the beanies! The perfect go-to if the weather isn’t cooperating that day, you ultimately don’t have the time or will to do your hair, or just need the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. Welcome the Duluth Pack beanie ! Available in two hues, black and grey and cheaper than your lunch time meal. Get your hunk one and yourself the other – you’ll be the matching the couple that everyone secretly wants to be.


Hello, sunglasses! They are crucial on hot, sweltering, sun blinding days, plus they are protective to your eyes. What is a unisex sunglasses that will work for him and for the lady? Boom – the notorious Ray Ban Wayfarer. Sleek black frames with a slight tilt to give an effortlessly cool vibe. You can find these stellar shades here . Johnny Cash will approve these all day long.


Now we are at the core of the body. The majority of men and women have very different body types, structures and fits. What to do, what to do? Take the ideas from the prints and colors from their clothing. Checked patterns are always going to be in style, whether you’re geographically located near the brush or you’re the farthest location from it, it’s always going to be cool. They are flattering, universal, wearable, and classic. Hard to beat that in apparel! Here is a fantastic cape made by our great friends at Faribault Woolen Mills. They combined the neutral colors of navy and olive green (Found in almost every man’s closet) to construct this exquisite piece that will blow you away, plus it’s comfy cozy and comes with a hood! This is absolutely going into my closet this season and staying forever!


It’s all in the bag. That saying works perfectly for this posting. What you carry in your tote, hunting gear, purse, backpack, or duffle is valuable, reliable, and means a great immense to you and Duluth Pack gets that. That is why Duluth Pack has strived to make the best products for our customers that will be there for them and their belongings each and every time. We know they are valuable to you, because why else would you be hauling them with you? Duluth Pack has designed over 250 styles of goods, yes, you read that right. A whopping 250 products and did we mention they can be constructed in 15 different canvas colors, 5 leather types, wool layovers, and different series? Just writing that makes my hair blow back and a bit tired. Now you know why we are so busy all the time! More the merrier on options, right?! Check out our homepage with the wide selection here .


Now we’re getting down to the long stems of our bodies and how your guy inspires this region of the bod. It’s only a click away of course. Yoga pants are beyond comfortable, but skinny jeans are appropriate for the office. Here we have found the perfect combination of both benefits from both option A and option B. You can call us your best friend through a blog! Best pair of pants that you can dress up with heels or with our next option for footwear inspired by a la man.


Last but not least, it’s time to style up your soles with a pair of shoes that completes your outfit, but stays within the unisex feel. Birkenstock knows what both men and women want and keeps their style, design, colors and authentic appeal the same regardless of who you are. The show stopper and awe-worthy Arizona Birkenstock sandal is available in the Duluth Pack store in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota and here .

After all the words and the few images spread on this blog, we hope you are influenced and open to run to your man’s side of the closet and dig through what intrigues his style. Please note, these items may not be in anyone’s closet, but products we recognized are pretty common in dresser drawers and hanging on hangers. There are many pieces that are worthy of being in this post as well, but limit ourselves, so you don’t become too overwhelmed! These elements are what can change up your look and keep things interesting and unpredictable every time you go to put something on.

From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 13, 2015

Fasten your seat belts and be prepared to be blown away with some incredible images and a video produced by our friends at Redmond Digital Media!

View More:

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We couldn’t ask for much more – a darling couple, a California sunrise, Duluth Packs and a camera to capture it all. It’s truly a great grouping! We have teamed up with the unbelievably talented duo (out of Santa Barbara, California) who own Redmond Digital Media. On an early Monday morning around 5 a.m., the group trekked out to a field of grass and a cliff that overlooks the sea (hello, paradise!) to snap real life photos of two people in love enjoying the simple matters in life. The Duluth Pack items featured in this shoot include: The Duluth Pack Domer Scoutmaster Deluxe, the Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout Pack, the Duluth Pack Bison Leather Lakewalk Tote, the famous Duluth Pack Scout Pack, top selling TNT Oars T-Shirt, and last but not least, the Duluth Pack Leather Belt!

All of these products are available both in our flagship store in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota and on our website at!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack!

The Lowdown


May 11, 2015

Get ready for a stomach growl, because delicious looking grub is coming your way!

Tis the season where barbecuing, summer grilling, and over the bonfire meals are prepared, cooked and then gobbled down. Needless to say, it’s our absolute favorite time of year! Spicy, salty, sweet, sour and a twist of savory are all found in this post. Whether it’s finger linkin’, grab and go, simmer over the fire, or just plain ole’ good looking morsels, we’re all over it! Thanks to the ease and instant accessibility of Pinterest (follow us by hitting THIS link) , anyone can become the new up and coming Betty Crocker. Check out some of our “need to try before we die” meals below.


We’re starting off with a bang! As in, Dynamite Bang Bang Shrimp, folks! Wow-ee THIS recipe has seriously left my stomach craving and my tastebuds eager to gobble down this dish. If you’re not a fan of seafood or allergic, you can easily substitute chicken into the meal. This recipe knocks it out of the park, no questions asked.


This photo makes use just think, “Hello there, carbs.”. The most All-American meal (minus hot dogs and burgers of course) but in a close third place is the notorious grilled cheese sandwich. It just takes you back to middle school days, doesn’t it? The ooey gooey filling of melted cheese squashed in-between two perfectly crisp pieces of bread – it’s like heaven on a plate. THIS dish pushes us to step up the grilled cheese game and incorporate a few more ingredients that will make the sandwich go from ‘yum’ to ‘give me now!’ kind of attitude. Now all we need is a cup of tomato soup and we are good to go.


A food related blog post is nothing without a hint of sweet sugary goodness in the mix. Please note, THESE cupcakes are watermelon inspired. So, we take it that they count as a serving of fruit, too (kidding – kind of) .


A scrumptious salty solution is here! The combination of Snickers and salty – that was the ticket to convince us to try THIS in a split second. Crunchy goodness is always a yes in our book.


Veggies are tasty, friends. Especially when they are topped with sour cream and turned into fritters. Wa-la, wa-la! THESE suckers are fool-proof to make are and incredibly delectable. Give your side dishes a zip and try them for your next din. Ps: When you do, please feel free to invite the Duluth Pack clan.


CHILI. CHEESE. FRIES. FIRE. Did we mention cheese? Yes, THESE babies are such a treat, especially when out in the brush. Some of our team has made these and swears they hit the spot when you’re craving a meal that maybe isn’t oh so healthy, but is darn good cookin’.

You all need some supplies to help with your prepping and food festivities. Check out our entire spread of cooking supplies (available in store and ONLINE ) that helps make your dinner a breeze. Maybe none of these recipes don’t intrigue you. Not a problem! Check out Duluth Pack’s minimal step meals, especially if you’re heading into the woods or on the water – HERE .

Have any of you tried or concocted these recipes before? We’d love to hear your opinions! Also, if you have a recipe that is share worthy, please feel free to email us at: [email protected] We will test them out and write another blog on our findings!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 7, 2015

Over 133 years ago, the Duluth Pack brand and product was born, raised and established to be the USA’s oldest canvas and leather bag and pack making company. However, the story of Duluth Pack could not have reached the masses that it has without all of you. Thank you, thank you – very, very much! For all of your support, loyalty and following we are hosting a Duluth Pack Facebook Giveaway involving a Bending Branches paddle and Duluth Pack goodies that work for both men and women on our Facebook Page! Click HERE to access the Duluth Pack Facebook Page.

The Duluth Pack Giveaway on Facebook consists of a Duluth Pack tote, the original yummy Crapola granola mix, a grey cozy beanie, a delicious bag of Whole Bean Duluth Pack Paddler’s Blend java (there is vanilla hazelnut, rum and caramel – tastebud heaven!) and a Bending Branches paddle – whoa, that’s a whole lot you of goodness wrapped up in one giveaway! wow, do we wish we could enter!

Don’t wait too long to enter for it! This giveaway ends this Friday at midnight central time.

Good luck friends, we wish you the best of luck!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 5, 2015

It’s for the very special woman in your life. Your mother.

She is the rock of the family, the scheduler, cook, chauffeur and the very lady who brought you into the world. This day is for her and she deserves every part of it to be ultimately perfect. Before we start, I’d like to say, “Thank you and I love you!” to my mother.

The Duluth Pack blog is your friend through a screen. We want you to rely on us for when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, just need some inspiration or want to hear from an old friend. Guess what? We’ve got your butt cheeks again, because we’re nailing down the best go-to Duluth Pack products to gift your mom this year.

Say thanks the best way this year and gift her with a product that will last a lifetime.

Maybe your mom isn’t into purses and bags, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you! You can never go wrong with jewelry! (It’s basically a rule.) Check out Ruth by Duluth one-of-a-kind pieces that are reasonable, adorable and are made right here in Duluth, Minnesota! Or another option is the sophisticated jewelry items made by our friends in Bayfield, Wisconsin! Local skill – you can’t beat it! SHOP HERE

If your mom is a Duluth Pack fan (we love her, too) look no further. We have an easy peasy, no nonsense list of gotta have it Duluth Pack goodies that are top-sellers and the DP team’s top favorites. Shall we?

CHOICE 1) Purse, please. It’s the beloved Duluth Pack Shell Bag ! Available in wool, domer, canvas and leather materials. Don’t forget, this bag comes in 4 different sizes, 2 separate detailing styles and multiple hues. This is one to surely pull her heart strings. (Ps: I have 3 – best sidekick around!) .

CHOICE 2) GOTTA-HAVE HAVERSACK . It’s most organized purse around. There are even separate slots for pencils and pens, you betcha! This stunner comes in 2 different styles, an array of materials and colors galore. It’s easily accessible with the lifetime guaranteed zipper. Plus, adorable if I say so myself.

CHOICE 3) The most delicious scents you can imagine – HELLO,CANDLES . The cutest mason jar filled with hand poured soy candle wax filled with delightful aroma. Also, they are easy to match in any room, because of the natural coloring. Your mom is bound to enjoy a few of these!

CHOICE 4) The most stylish and sophisticated Duluth Pack collection that has ever existed, The Duluth Pack Elite Series . Your mom will fall head over heels for our hand-led white thread on premium American black leather. It’s our ‘chic and sleek’ that draws attention in all the right ways. Make her a stand out with this eye catching series that she will remember forever.

CHOICE 5) The gift that fits and looks good on everyone! The Duluth Pack GIFT CARD will never go out of style and allows your mom to pick out what her heart desires. Plus, if you’re far away, fit’s snug as a bug in a card. It’s a win-win in so many ways.

We hope this to the point gift guide helps you choose the most quality filled gift(s) that your mother deserves. Lastly, the Duluth Pack team would like to say a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the wonderful mothers in the world.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


May 4, 2015

Simply irresistible. (Ps: we know you just sang that phrase) Yep, that’s what Duluth Pack is!

Yes, yes, we admit that we are just being a bit funny and incorporating a fun term, but we are wanting to discuss the nitty gritty reality of Duluth Pack – we’re down right flashy SIMPLE !

That’s right, folks. We aren’t jumping on the bandwagon and getting involved in the latest and greatest “trendy” pieces that last 2 weeks to 6 months. Instead, Duluth Pack is sticking to it’s core and designing functional and versatile products that are as simple as simple gets.

Ready for us to break it down for you? Good! Us, too! This is the “recipe” to making a Duluth Pack.

1) Canvas

2) Leather

3) Rivets, or buckles, possibly zippers, or all of the above

4) Lots of laughter

5) Price tag

Sure, that’s the most simple version out there and we are missing some crucial steps, but you get the gist. We don’t have added bling, glitz, and glamorous details that are in one day and out the other. Ps: That’s completely okay, because that is not who Duluth Pack is!

Yeah, we are evolving and expanding our product line up and selection each day, but our brainstorming and researching are constantly around the basics of Duluth Pack’s origins. 1) Lifetime Guarantee – Give us the stability and tough as nails materials and we will get it done! 2) Functionality – We get it, you want to bring your Duluth Pack product from the trail to the bars and home and still look cool. Check, check, check! 3) Quality – Hello, that’s the essence of who we are. We respect your hard earned piggy bank money. You stress, sweat, and maybe even scream for that paycheck and we honor your hard work. So, we will create the best bag, tote, pack, or purse for you that is worth every hard earned buck you made. 4) Made in America – It’s who we are, it’s where we are from, it’s what we make. Period. 5) Credit - finding out “who” (no, not the brand, but the actual individual who made your product) is as clear as mud. It’s just not going to happen in most cases. That’s where Duluth Pack separates itself from the pack (no pun intended!). Not only does THE sewer who handcrafted your product sign a tag inside, but you can actually meet them in action here at the headquarters location. Yep, get a load of that!

As a company, we wish we could wrap all of our arms around who and give you a big squeeze! Why? Because you have accepted us for 133 years of playing it safe and never over compensating for our humble roots and specific requirements. We truly have the most amazing customers and following. It’s almost like a “pinch me” moment every day on how loyal you all are. I don’t think we will ever truly get use to it! All of your stories are so captivating and encouraging for us all as a brand and the Duluth Pack family! So, here’s to keeping it simple!

-From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


April 30, 2015

We’re going bold and straight up asking, “What inspires you?.”

This may seem like a bland or “Really, why are you going there?” question, but we want you to think to the depths of your interests, aspirations, and bucket list ideas of “What inspires you?” as a living, breathing, amazing person!

We are all here on this unbelievable Earth for a purpose. It’s just finding what exactly is it that we are suppose to do to change, update, innovate, or encourage this place to be better. And not just better for you, but better for the greater good. Some may say, be kind, confident, full of courage, push the limits, or even, just become more forgiving and we couldn’t agree more. But, after pondering some real thoughts for a moment or two (or three – let’s be real here) it popped into my noggin. YOU. Help me spell it out here, Y. O. U. YOU all inspire us as a company here at Duluth Pack. If it weren’t for YOU all, we wouldn’t have the heritage, stories, brand, line of products, or even the most optimistic loyalty if it weren’t for every single one of YOU. We’re here living out our dreams. With this career path, whether that be in production, marketing, owning, accounting, or selling Duluth Pack we’re able to do what we love, work in a location that allows us to be, well, us, and still have a personal life outside of the brand and company.

We all here have some type of role or duty that must be done to succeed in this life and the road you choose. This can involve striving to be a better parent, teacher, peer, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, or co-worker. But, we must make sure we don’t strive to be THE best. What is THE best, really?! It’s just an opinion that is different in every single person’s mind. But, if you strive to be the best of YOUR ability, now we’re talking and in action! The best of your ability is something that is attainable and to strive for. That is what we do here every single day at Duluth Pack. We constantly are researching, looking, reading, and investing – up, down, side to side, and underneath what is the most efficient, crucial, and impactful products, process, or strategy we can do to help what inspires us most, YOU.

If you are having a day that feels to be in the gutter, or you have a case of the blues, just remember that the Duluth Pack family is constantly thinking of you. We’re here for you and you are here for us as well. We’re in this together and we are ready to go take it to the next step with you all and succeed greatly. This is just the beginning of something truly great. So, buckle up, because it’s going to be one heck of an adventure!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack