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Duluth Pack premieres the American Bison Series

October 20, 2011
American Bison Series

New, high-quality leather is introduced to Duluth Pack’s venerable line of products.

Introducing the American Bison Series from Duluth Pack. The American Bison Series blends the quality and tradition of Duluth Pack with the rugged luxury of the American West. Beautifully handcrafted of full-grain, premium Bison leather, these bags are both robust and replete with style.

Our craftspeople, which create these pieces, pay significant time and attention to every detail as well as to the elegance of their art. The bags in this series are sewn from full hides, which are soft to the touch and durable for life. Elements such as rolled leather handles, hand-pounded solid copper rivets, and interior linings come together to embody these high-quality bags.

With traditional styling in mind, we have taken seven of our most in-demand leather products and adapted them especially for bison leather. The series includes: the Bison Leather Kit Bag, Bison Leather #100 Purse, Bison Leather Traveler’s Portfolio, the Bison Leather Sportsman’s Tote, Bison Leather Gun Cases, Bison Leather Pistol Rugs, and the Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel.

Reminiscent of expeditions across an untamed American West, these pieces will become time-honored adventure gear. Reward yourself with something truly unique from the American Bison Series by Duluth Pack. Made in America, guaranteed for life.

About the American Bison

For hundreds of years the natives of the North American plains relied on the bison for their existence. The bison was hunted to near extinction in the 1870’s, their numbers dwindled to as few as several hundred remaining. A reintroduction of bison to North America began in 1899, and today free-ranging bison in conservation herds number approximately 30,000. For many people living in North America the bison is symbol of strength, stability, and prosperity.

About Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack established in 1882, is dedicated to making quality canoe and camping gear as well as purses, luggage, messenger bags, gun cases, and portfolio bags.  These products are manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota, using time-honored techniques.  All products manufactured by Duluth Pack offer a Lifetime Guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.

The Lowdown

The American Bison as a Symbol

October 18, 2011
Buffalo Nickel

Strength. Courage. Prosperity. Challenge. Survival.

These, and many more, are words that the American Bison has come to symbolize.

For hundreds of years Native Americans of the Great Plains relied on the bison to feed them, clothe them, and get them through the harsh winters. The bison became a symbol of many things for the people who depended upon them. The large head symbolizes an intelligence of a higher order. And, their strong bodies ground them, symbolizing their connection to the earth, nurturing personalities, and the importance of social connections.

Several states and one Canadian province use the bison as a symbol. Kansas, North Dakota, and Wyoming use the bison on their flag, their state quarter, or both. There is even a west-central Kansas town named Bison having been founded in 1888. The Canadian province of Manitoba uses a bison on its flag and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police use the bison on their coat of arms.

Back here in the United States what is probably the most recognizable icon of the bison is the so-called “Buffalo” nickel, or “Indian Head” nickel. This coin was a copper and nickel alloy designed by James Earle Fraser, and was minted between the years of 1913 and 1938. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt expressed his dissatisfaction with the design of American coins and set off what became a great political journey to get the Buffalo nickel produced. President Taft introduced the new coin on February 22, 1913 with several Native American chiefs in attendance. The new coin became widely accepted and acclaimed for its depiction of truly American themes.