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Duluth Pack takes a road trip to visit Stormy Kromer in Ironwood

Duluth Pack visits Stormy Kromer in Ironwood Michigan

Duluth Pack takes a road trip to visit Stormy Kromer in Ironwood

Road trip!

Let’s take our Duluth Packs on the road to visit Stormy Kromer in Ironwood, Michigan.

Our little caravan rolled into the Stormy Kromer production facility Thursday morning and was greeted with open arms. Kirsten showed us a very warm welcome as we shook off the weariness from the road. She also introduced us to Bob, owner and president of Jacquart Fabric Products, who lucky enough for us would also serve as our tour guide for the day.

We started in chronological order as Bob told us about the beginnings of the company and all the different projects taken on over the years. We talked about boat canopies and canvas, reupholstering furniture, and the pet division, which serves the needs of a myriad of our furry friends.

At one point I noticed a fairly familiar and famous Olympic face on the wall. Seems a few years back a couple very high-level speed skating competitions were coming to northern Michigan and they needed safety pads built around the track. With the help of the physics department at the University and Jacquart Fabrics, those pads got built to the demanding specifications of the speed skating governing body.

The Legend of Stormy Kromer began in 1903 when Ida took a baseball hat from George and added earflaps to keep him warm in the cold winds of the Upper Peninsula. Our visit to the modern Stormy Kromer, in their big beautiful factory, would surely make George and Ida proud. Quality and tradition can be seen in every Kromer hat being sewn together.

This was a special visit for us. Duluth Pack and Stormy Kromer seem to be kindred spirits that share American Made, 100 plus, year-old company stories. So much history is contained in the Stormy Kromer brand, I am very glad we took the opportunity to share in that first hand.

Thanks to Kirsten, Gina, Jessica, and everybody at Stormy Kromer for making our visit so memorable. And of course a big thank you to our tour guide, Bob who took us “out of bounds” for more than one special, behind the scenes peeks.

If they give you any trouble about being out of bounds Bob, blame it on the troublemakers from Duluth Pack.

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Snowshoes in the Woods

How to Pick Bindings for Your Snowshoes

In the last blog post I talked about the different styles of snowshoes and which style would fit your snow trekking needs the best. In this article I would like to examine three styles of bindings that will match up well with your new American Made wooden snowshoes by Iverson’s. The two primary concerns with snowshoe bindings will be the ease of getting them on and the amount of control they give you while shoeing.

First snowshoe binding is the rubber, Bob Maki style binding. It is very easy to mount on the snowshoe, and being flexible rubber it is very easy to pull on over your boot. These features make it ideal if a lot of different users are going to be going out in the snow on your shoes. The downside to this style binding is the lack of control once the boot is in the binding. Not a lot of stability in the rubber binding, sometimes making it tricky to turn in tight quarters.

Second is the “A” or “AA” style binding.  This style is a heavy vinyl or leather forefoot piece, which holds the boot in place with a compression strap. The advantage with this binding is that it goes on and off easily. So again, if multiple people will be using your shoes adjustments can be made quickly no matter the boot size. One disadvantage that I can speak to is that this binding can be a little more difficult to mount to the shoe. However, you always have the snowshoe pros at the Duluth Pack store in Canal Park to assist you.

Third, is the “H” style binding, probably the most recognizable of all the bindings. The strapping system is usually made of leather or neoprene and mounts very easily to the shoe. This binding gives you great control of the shoe in all conditions, whether in tight spaces or in a straight line down a lake. It works best when only one person will be using a pair of snowshoes; therefore multiple users might find the adjustment process a bit cumbersome.

You’ve got classic, wooden snowshoes, and you have your bindings, now go out and play in the snow! If you have any questions or concerns about snowshoe bindings, or getting them mounted head on down to Canal Park and check in with the outdoor experts at the Duluth Pack store. They have trod many snow-covered trails in the north woods, and know their stuff well.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas!

twelve daysBack by popular demand our Twelve days of Christmas! We have been getting calls about our holiday promotion and it is back! Starting Thursday, December 2nd  through Monday, December 13th (to ensure holiday delivery).

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