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Book Reveiw – The Wind in My Wheels: Travel Tales from the Saddle

June 15, 2012
The Wind in My Wheels

The Wind in My Wheels

After reading this book, you will definitely want to pull your old bicycle out of the shed and start on your own adventure!  Author Josie Dew recounts 9 different bicycling adventures she set out on, spanning 4 continents and 36 countries.  With all her belongings strapped to her bike, she travels to Africa, Iceland, Italy, France, Morocco, India, Romania, and even a fundraising trek around the United Kingdom in a wheelchair bicycle.  Each adventure is unique and exciting, especially coming from Josie’s perspective.  Reading the tales of Josie and her travels, you find yourself right there with her pedaling hard and fast (or slow and steady), climbing high hills, and dashing down mountains.

Josie has an amazing sense of humor and such a positive attitude!  She always seems to find the positives in a difficult situation.  From struggling up the Alps to fighting torrential downpours, and even through snow and ice, Josie managed to conquer them all – and she kept going! After reading about some trials she endured, I know I would have given up right away.  But Josie has such perseverance and a determination, that I found her to be motivating and inspiring!

A nice addition to the book is that she added a few photo sections.  After reading the descriptions of her experiences, being able to see the photos of those places she visited will make the experience even more real to you.

If you love to bicycle, travel, or even if you just like to read and dream about traveling, I highly recommend reading about Josie Dew and her world traveling adventures!  So grab your Panniers and your gear and get to it!

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