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This Holiday Season…Buy American, Buy Quality

November 26, 2010

Turkey Day has come and gone and the holiday shopping season is now upon us. As we scan through countless newspaper store inserts and leap frog from box store to box store looking for the best deal, let’s stop a minute and think about where all that stuff comes from.

Here at Duluth Pack it’s easy to know exactly where our products come from. ¬†Right here! At 1610 West Superior Street in Duluth, MN. Not only that, our products have been MADE in Duluth here since 1882.

Come on in and watch our sewers sew, our riveters rivet, our cutters cut canvas and leather. I am in awe of them every day.

Click the link! Come see how our products are made. Feel good about buying products that last. Feel good about buying American Made quality goods.

This holiday season, let’s make an effort to buy timeless gifts that will last a lifetime, often two lifetimes!

wool book bag