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Hudson Bay Bound: Part Three, Finale

May 9, 2011

In my last two articles I told you about Ann Raiho and Natalie Warren who are going to be paddling from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay this summer. On the map it lays out as an adventure of approximately 2250 miles, through distinct and varied terrain.

After they graduate from St. Olaf College in late May their plan is to get on the water June 2nd near Fort Snelling on the Minnesota River. And, if all goes well, and Mother Nature smiles on them, their canoe will meet the Hudson Bay at York Factory the first week of September.

Their trek recreates the 1930 trip of Eric Severeid and Walt Port, a trip that was recounted in the book “Canoeing with the Cree.” At one point in their journey the frustration reached an apex and the guys came to blows. The fight ended when each realized that he needed the other to complete the odyssey.

It begs the question: “do you think women resolve conflict differently than men?” And, “have you Natalie and Ann thought about resolving your conflicts?”

They both laughed.

Apparently women don’t immediately go to the Mike Tyson card to settle things.

Ann and Natalie explained to me that they have written letters to each other as reminders. First, written as a method to share with each other why they are embarking on this adventure. And second, as a way to remind the other about the great friendship they share.

Then I asked them to dream a little bit, and posed: “money no object, what is the dream trip when this one is complete?”

Interestingly enough both want to embark on a bicycle adventure.

Ann would like to return to Rajastan, India and revisit the area by bicycle. She would peddle the northwest of the country and see the Thar Desert and the Aravalli mountain range. Natalie also would like to go on a two-wheeled trek and visit Ireland and Scotland. Maybe after all the paddling using the legs has some appeal.

My hope is the winds and the rains will cooperate and their canoe meets the Hudson Bay in September. If you would like to learn more about these two adventurers, their expenses, or the specifics of the trip check out their website You can also find them on FaceBook searching the same tag.

Best of luck ladies!

 By: Brad Putney. “Captain” Brad Putney considers himself an inland waters guru after spending 40 years on the lakes of Minnesota. The Captain likes to say he has been at the helm of everything from a ten-foot inflatable to an America’s Cup yacht. Mr. Putney can be found at the Duluth Pack Store, helpfully dispensing free advice. He has degrees from Gustavus Adolphus College and the University of Minnesota. Please contact at: [email protected].