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March 7, 2016
Adrian T.'s submission

Each and every day we truthfully love what we do. Sure, somedays like a Monday can be hard to get out of your warm bed and drive to work (especially in a winter storm) . But, once we arrive and are surrounded by the constant energy, we’re so happy where we are able to call our career. Every employee of Duluth Pack has a different story to tell and that’s what not only keeps it fun, but different day in and day out. So it made sense for us to do a round up of 10 reasons we love where we work.

1) Location.

As human beings, we hear the phrase, “Location. location. location.” That’s exactly what we are focusing on in point number one of why we love where we work. Out of anywhere our headquarters could be located, Duluth, MN is exactly where we want to be. For 134 continuous years in business and existence, Duluth Pack has called Duluth, MN home. We are so proud of where we are, that we not only put the location in our name, but on our logo we also states the geographical area too. We love this area and you bet your bottom dollars we have another 134 + continuous years here.

2) Title.

Duluth is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack maker in the USA. This title that we hold is not only something we are proud of, but one that we are extremely humbled by. The fact Duluth Pack has been continuously around since 1882 is something that makes us rub our eyes real hard and recognize that it is pretty great to be the one, the only, and the original.

3) Ethics.

Being with a company that focuses on not only the needs of the business, but it’s employees is absolutely ideal. That is what we have all found with the Duluth Pack company. Even with the growth, the Duluth Pack employees meet weekly to discuss concepts, ideas, plans, and situations that we can improve, grow, or develop from. This is incredible, because everyone from all aspects of the brand – production, marketing, shipping, customer service, retail, outside sales, etc – can speak up and describe what they are seeing or hearing. This puts everyone at an even playing field and that everyone is heard regardless of what their business card says their position is.

4) People.

Duluth Pack is always so great as sharing how close we are with our customers. Something many people don’t see or always hear about is how close the Duluth Pack employees are. Actually, we call ourselves one big family. Whether we are taking lunch breaks together, enjoying coffee, having after work get togethers, or just sitting down and bonding over something personal, we consider ourselves one big team.

5) Customers.

Our customers are the most loyal, the most supportive, and the most adventurous people we know. We are so grateful for every customer who has ever purchased a sticker to someone who has invested in one of our duffle bags. Our customers we consider friends and are second to none. Every single individual who purchased something from Duluth Pack allows us to keep doing what we love every single day and that’s helping you all invest in the best Made in America canvas and leather products on the market.

6) Products.

We may sounds bias or brief in a way, but our story is as simple and powerful and that goes for our products as well. Each product we may is not to life a fragile life. Our products want to explore, travel and adventure with you and that means we need to handcraft the most durable, but stylish packs and bags we can. Every single Duluth Pack handcrafted item comes with a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware. In simple text, that’s our rivets, buckles, zippers, and sewing seams. If you want to read more on our Lifetime Guarantee please click HERE . Lastly, every single Duluth Pack handcrafted item not only comes with a lifetime guarantee, but is signed by the craftsperson who created it just for you. Don’t know where to find their name? Look for the Duluth Pack and Made in America tag inside your Duluth Pack item. Flip over the Duluth Pack tag and it will reveal the craftsperson’s signature. If you’re in the Duluth area, please stop by our factory for a free tour to meet them. If not, click HERE to read their fun bios!

7) Discounts.

Obviously you want to be passionate of the products and brand you work for, but it’s even better when your work gives you a nice and generous discount to enjoy as well. We won’t be sharing an percentages, but let’s say that we are treated very well. Not only do we get to enjoy discounts on the Duluth Pack handcrafted products, but also on all the items sold in our retail store in Canal Park from other brands we carry, like The North Face, Patagonia, and Darn Tough socks, too!

8) Growth.

Finding not only a job, but a career with a company that is growing can be rare. Not only is Duluth Pack growing each day, but knowing that there is potential to grow not only in our positions, but within our departments is crucial. It’s a relief to know that the company you love to work for loves what you do and wants to work with your wants and needs as well.

9) Collaborations.

Collaborations and partnerships between bloggers, influencers, celebrities, venues, and other brands not only is hard work, but it’s an absolute hoot for all involved. With months or even up to a year in advance, Duluth Pack’s PR and Marketing teams are working day in and day out of who we can collaborate with to handcraft new collections that leave you all drooling and wanting more. Can you guess what are next projects are? P.s. we just launched The Times Collection last Thursday with Faribault Woolen Mills wool. Check it out HERE .

10) American.

Duluth Pack is an American company proudly employing Americans. Not only do we handcraft our American made products in Duluth, MN, but we also have our own Distribution Center (shipping center), our own in-house customer service team, our own marketing team, and an entire 8,500 square foot retail store that employs not only Americans, but Minnesotans. Also, Duluth Pack sources materials, like our leather in the states as well. Our leathers are from the Dakotas and Nebraska and then are tanned in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Again, more Americans helping other Americans. It’s always full circle for us.

We hope you enjoyed the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at Duluth Pack. We can’t wait for all the future adventures with you all and greatly appreciate your loyalty and support. Want to be a part of the Duluth Pack team? Apply HERE .

– From your pals at Duluth Pack

Gear Talk, The Lowdown


March 3, 2016




Introducing the new Duluth Pack Collection, The Times!

Durably and carefully handcrafted Made in America Duluth Pack products with beautiful black and white plaid printed wool from Faribault Woolen Mills. It puts a timeless twist on the classic Red and Black wool collection we currently handcraft. With structured designs, timeless details, and top-notch quality, the new Times Collections is one to purchase before it is gone. Available both in store and online at!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

The Lowdown


February 22, 2016
IMG_4355 copy

IMG_4322 copy-cropped


FullSizeRender 4

Here at Duluth Pack we are all about putting the people who handcraft our products in the spotlight. If it weren’t for their skills, determination, and loyalty to the brand, we wouldn’t be who we are without them. However, there are many people who contribute to Duluth Pack’s success beyond the production team. For example, there are the voices of Duluth Pack, like our President, Tom. Also, there are the faces of Duluth Pack, like a model we work with, Kaylyn. So without a further ado, let’s meet Kaylyn!

“Hello, My name is Kaylyn!

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then moved to Burnsville, MN when I was very young. I grew up in that town, then later decided to attend college at the University of MN, Duluth. Duluth Pack is based out of Duluth, and the company has always grabbed my attention on how authentic and well-made their products are, handcrafting each item in the US. I loved the craftsmanship of each bag when I saw them in stores!

A little about me – I’m a 23 year old who will laugh at every corny joke. You will probably find me online shopping, carrying around my GoPro, watching Food Network, at the coolest new restaurant being a foodie, or booking a flight to Hawaii. I’m the type of person who would have 50 different professions if I could: graphic designer, blogger, photographer, videographer, hair stylist, makeup stylist, clothing designer, wedding planner, personal trainer, social media marketer, entrepreneur, artist… but why can’t we? My dream is to own my own company someday… stay tuned!

For modeling, I was approached by a scout while I was in college. I thought that it would be a great way to make extra money to help my typical broke college student life. I was told I could never do runway (I’m only 5’4″), so I had to stick with commercial style. From this, it introduced me to tons of amazing companies that I had the privilege to work with. While modeling on the side, I also had a huge passion for blogging. Writing has been something I’ve always done since I was young – whether it be a diary, private online journal, fashion blogging, or a public blog – I had them all. I’m the type of person who would rather write a 10 page essay instead of taking a bubble test. I’ve always relied on reading other blogs to keep up to date in style, trends, health/wellness… everything! I’ve always had my own ideas and opinions on how I could write things to share with the world, then finally launched my own public blog site. I love to share things that I’m loving at the moment, or things I’m extremely passionate about. You’d be surprised on how other people love to learn about new things and read new blogs! It has allowed me to share my journey connecting to a whole new community of blogging, other online bloggers, and even helping others in the process.

I’ve always been a creative spirit constantly trying to think of new ideas or start new projects. I love sharing things with the world. Ideas, opinions and new experiences are an amazing way to connect with others. Modeling, blogging and working with great people has taught me so many new things and helped me share experiences with others. So that’s a little about me! I’m super excited to keep working with such a wonderful company. :)”






Instagram: @kaylynwebb

Twitter: @kaylynwebb


Want to meet more of the Duluth Pack team? Email us at and we would love to hear!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack .

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February 11, 2016

It’s fun to hear all the stories of people with their packs and adventures from today through the rest of their lives. However, it’s important that everyone knows all the elements behind how a Duluth Pack is handcrafted including the people behind the packs – AKA: the Duluth Pack team. Today, we are introducing our creative spirit and in-house Graphic Designer, Jade. She may be small in height size, but she has a large personality that is shown in her colorful style and work. So, without a further ado, here is Jade, everyone!

How do you…

Start your morning:

“Every morning I make a healthy shake to drink on my drive in to work. The first thing I do when I arrive is turn on my computer, grab my awesome peacock mug, and caffeinate. I always stop to chat with the production team before I head to my desk.”

Stay motivated:

“I’m a list writer and a post-it note extraordinaire. A lot of the time, my monitor is lined in post-it notes. Let me tell you, ripping one of those bad boys off after a task is complete is oddly satisfying and motivating in and of itself. Don’t forget about the coffee and the occasional blast of “Eye of The Tiger” from Ryan’s speakers.”

Get inspired:

“I am inspired by quality time with friends and family. Being with people and sharing a good laugh is all we need sometimes.”

Challenge yourself:

“I like to try new things! As a designer, it’s easy to get sucked into one particular style. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and try something new with fresh eyes. If it works, great! If not, I tried.”

Motivate others:

“I like to think I’m pretty funny sometimes. In fact, people think it’s funny that I think I’m funny… it works. What’s better than making someone laugh?”

Find personal balance:

“I always go into my day with a plan, and that plan must include time for myself. It’s good to be busy, but I feel most balanced when I set aside some time at the end of each day to do what I enjoy, even if it’s just watching some Netflix.”

Stay organized:

“Lists, lists, and more lists, and of course, post-it notes.”

End your day:

The day isn’t over until I wash my coffee cup.

“We hope you enjoyed another snippet into the lives and outlooks of our employees. At Duluth Pack, it’s all a team effort from the production side to the creative.”

Have a wonderful day!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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February 4, 2016

It is not secret that we love where we are from. We do so much, that it is in our brand’s name! So, it only seemed fitting for us to make a list of 15 reasons we love living in Duluth, Minnesota. Lets start, shall we?

1. The first reason we love making our home in this community of quality living is for none other than what is on our backyard. The largest fresh water body of water surrounds our existence which is specifically known as the beautiful Lake Superior. The vast body of water not only is our source of the freshest drinking water, but provides us with memories like, sailboating, fishing, swimming, and pebble throwing.

2. Another element that makes us fall in love with Duluth, MN time and time again are the extensive list of outdoor activities that our natural habitat provides us with. Just over a year ago, Duluth was voted the #1 Outdoor City in the country by Outside Magazine (read the article here ). The options are endless, especially with a four season city. Running trails, bikes lanes, mountain biking trails, fishing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and swimming are just a small grouping of all the outdoors activities the Duluth, Minnesota location provides.

3. Speaking of activities. Duluth hosts each June the internationally recognized running marathon, Grandma’s Marathon. Athletes from around the world visit our city on a hill to run along the scenic view near Lake Superior. To add to this, our retail store is so conveniently located right at the finish line in Canal Park. P.s. Free parking in back!

4. Duluth wouldn’t be the community it is without the individuals who call it home. Duluth’s population is roughly 86,000 people and is filled with people who invest in giving back. Duluthians are proud of where they call home and open their doors to opportunities of growth. For example, each winter season near Bayfront Festival Park, a light show of hundreds of thousands of lights and volunteers with hearts bigger than their bodies create a spectacular location called, Bentleyville. Duluth’s community is not about 86,000 individuals, it’s about one big community with loyalty and heart.

5. Speaking of Bayfront, Duluth houses one of the coolest outdoor festival events at Bayfront Festival Park. It is conveniently located near the Aerial Lift Bridge and Canal Park region. Large artists and bands come out to perform their latest and greatest hits to the audience sitting in the grass and sipping on local brews. For example, Bob Dylan, a local of Duluth just recently performed along with country star, Dierks Bentley.

6. Probably the most legendary landmark that is associated with Duluth, Minnesota rather than the tip of Lake Superior is the Aerial Lift Bridge. As one of only two bridges in the world to physically lift up and down to tailor to large iron oar ships coming into the harbor and it operates 24 hours a day by conveniently allowing cars to cross over to the Park Point sand beach area in Duluth. Depending on the season and occasion, the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, has lights shine in different colors. During Independence Day, you will find the American hues of red, white, and blue lit up among it’s metal along with a pink color for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

7. Among the water, Duluth’s air quality is second to none. With some of the freshest air around, the Duluth population has little to worry about with smog occurrences. Sometimes there is just nothing better than a deep breath of good and clean fresh air. Am I right?

8. As we mentioned, Duluth is a community driven city that promotes small businesses, growth for their neighbors, and creating a life of quality for the next generations to come. Duluth’s safety as an entire city is tremendous. With multiple neighborhoods, cul-de-sacs, and new resident establishes developing, it’s exciting to see the schools booming in populations and updates and with little crime rates. Trust us, Duluthians are willing to help you out. If you’re in need of help, you’ll probably have to wait 10 seconds before someone jumps in.

9. During the winter season, a very well known sport with the name of Hockey is showcased on outdoor and indoor rinks around the state. As the state of Hockey as a whole, the Duluth community rings in the winter season well with multiple high school teams who attend the High School Hockey Tournament. Duluth also houses the D1 Hockey team, The University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs, which games are conveniently played near Canal Park at the beautiful AMSOIL Arena facility.

10. The local beer scene is one many demographics have picked up on, but Duluth has been brewing local liquids for years. As a brand that is great friends with non other than the legendary The Brewhouse located in the Fitger’s building on Superior St, it’s fantastic to see the demand increase. Throughout the downtown Duluth scene, you will come across multiple different breweries, distilleries, or bars that are promoting local beverages for not only the locals to enjoy, but tourists as well. A newer distillery called, Vikre, which specializes in whiskey and gin is only a block away from our flagship store.

11. BWCAW. 5 letters and many years of memories. Only a few short hours away from the peaceful lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, is Duluth. As our existence at Duluth Pack first started as being the original Boundary Waters Canoe Pack, we have a soft spot in our hearts each summer for taking the trek to portage and be among the beautiful nature. We are lucky its only a short road trip away. P.s. Duluth Pack is the number one largest distributor of BWCAW permits in the world. If you need one, you know where to get it.

12. Hike that SHT. As in the Superior Hiking Trail. The Superior Hiking Trail or abbreviated version (SHT) is 310 mile footpath of pure backpacking and hiking heaven. The tail end of this endeavor runs right through our backyard. Since Duluth is such an outdoor community and pet lovers, the SHT allows dogs with leashes to be involved on your journey as well. In the past year, Duluth Pack has proudly adopted a 7 mile portion of the SHT to clean and maintain for all to enjoy. For more information on the Superior Hiking Trial, please visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s website here .

13. We couldn’t list just breweries without incorporating some grub as well. The local restaurant scene in Duluth is one not to miss. With pubs, diners, dives, and upscale eateries, Duluth has a range of food for any palette. Duluth is so well known for it’s delicious bites, that it has been featured on Food Network Channel’s show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives . Anyone else hungry now?

14. Duluth’s music scene is one that is growing by the minute. Every year Locally Grown music festival is housed around local Duluth venues and one band that is always a hit is, Trampled By Turtles. This band has become a real household name and still promotes their roots right here in Duluth, Minnesota. Also, Duluth Pack launched a fun limited edition partnership style of bag that you can buy right here .

15. It only seemed fitting to start this post on the same concept, water. For the fact Duluth is a harbor city right on the most Western point on Lake Superior, Duluth has some of the purest and most crips drinking water your tastebuds will ever encounter. With fresh water just outside our doors, it makes drinking bottled water subpar. Tap water from Duluth is one that everyone mentions is one in million.

– From your friends at Duluth Pack!

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February 1, 2016
Our Founder, Camille Poirer, in Duluth, MN

Our Founder, Camille Poirer, in Duluth, MN. Photo via Duluth Public Library.

Camille Poirer created the first Duluth Pack in 1882. Twelve years before that, he set off to Duluth, MN (our flagship location) from St Paul, MN to start a new life. The trip took him four days “of very cold and suffering,” he wrote, starting Feb. 10th, 1870 and ending on Feb. 13th, 1870. 144 years ago today, he would have been on the 3rd day of his trek.

Via Google Maps

Via Google Maps

Poirer walked from St Paul to Hinckley, MN (a 76.6 mile, 25 hour walk) even though in 1856, he injured his leg in a wood-chopping accident, and it never fully recovered. From Hinckley onward, he rode up to Duluth via stagecoach.

Once he made it to Duluth, Poirer started a shoe shop on Lake Avenue and Superior Street.

In 1882, he was inspired by the voyageurs of the northland, and created a new style of “packsack” which would later be called the Duluth Pack.

Poirer died on October 17, 1919 in Duluth, Minnesota.

Read more about this event, and Camille Poirer here.

The Lowdown


January 25, 2016

Today we are rounding 9 things every professional needs at their desk. Please note, the products listed below are of our own personal opinions tallied around the Duluth Pack office.

A Good Journal / Notebook / Notepad

Having a journal, post its, or some kind of a accessible paper is necessary at a desk. Whether the boss is asking us to jot information down, a phone call happens and crucial pointers are needed to be remembered, or you make easy to follow to-do’s. At anytime, you will most likely be using a notepad or notebook during the day, regardless if you use a laptop computer. The ones our team uses are the Jotter To Do Refill pads along with the Bison Leather Notepad Holder which keeps all notes organized and accounted for.

Business Cards

This may be one of the most important tools in any career choice you do. Business Cards not only assist in your process of networking, but share you information to the most important people you come across in your line of business. Always make sure you have enough on hand as a spur of the moment lunch meeting may happen.

A Coffee Mug

Early mornings, especially early Monday mornings (like today) can be a little tougher than most. Almost all desktops have a coffee mug on them at all times here at Duluth Pack. Of course we all represent the company with our favorite Duluth Pack mugs. Our top sellers for not only our customers, but our employees include: The Campfire Mug – a favorite especially for men. Large sized hands actually fit in the handle. The Duluth Pack Logo Redwing Mug – It’s our iconic Duluth Pack logo mug that screams Americana. This coffee cup is seen with many bloggers and influencers nowadays. The Latte Mug – is such a versatile mug that it not only carries your favorite caffeine sidekick, but can switch into your soup bowl for lunch, too. The best cup voted specifically for tea is the Duluth Pack Frosted Barrel Mug . It holds the exact amount of water to make your tea extra delicious.

A Water Bottle

After starting our day with caffeine, we focus on hydrating the rest of the day. Whether you drink juice, good ole H2O, or even treating yourself to a soda or as well call it pop, we have the bottle for you. Scattered on many of our employee’s desks is the Duluth Pack 32 ox Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle. If you’re looking for something that comes with a spill proof tom, the CamelBak .75L Waterbottle with Duluth Pack Logo is the one for you. It’s great for the lunch time workout session as well.

Ballpoint Pens

Just as important as paper, pens are right in line with them. Pens are more important than pencils at the office, because we are constantly signing important documents or dating paperwork that has to be permanent. If you’re someone who writes hard as well, pens are a better options as they are less likely to break.

Your Wallet

Having your identification is necessary in this day in age. However, many lunch meetings can pop up where we have to make a run for some food quickly. We have a huge selection of Duluth Pack wallets that almost all of our employees (mostly men) are fans of. We have styles that are available in leather and canvas here .

A Comfortable Chair

Keeping a good posture is so important for your health. Having an office job can make that difficult, especially if you’re starting at a screen all day. We recommend investing in a comfortable chair that keeps your back up right at all positions. If you’re wanting to focus on another element of your health, we suggest looking into substituting a chair with an exercise ball.

A Blanket or Jacket

Back up to the point about having your wallet for a quick lunch run, living in Minnesota, especially Duluth you need to have clothing options ready at all times of the year. Mother Nature in the Northland can be a bit unpredictable, so having a quick rain check or zip up is always smart. We highly recommend the Duluth Pack embroidered Matrix Jacket. For only $5 more than our regular sweatshirts, it’s a great soft-shell jacket to whip on.


Eat to live or live to eat. Which are you? We support a healthy lifestyle here at Duluth Pack and healthy means maintaining a good diet – AKA: snacking on good treats. In the morning, you will find that a lot of Duluth Pack employees chow down on yogurt, oatmeal, or a breakfast bar. Usually two of three are topped with Granola from the brand, Crapola . If the marketing alone on it doesn’t get you, we don’t know what will!

We hope these desk side tricks and essentials help you prep your desk for the week! What are you favorite deskside items? We’d love to hear!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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December 31, 2015

In a few hours, it’s hard to believe that it will be a new year. Or also known as new goals, new responsibilities, new ambitions, and new wants.

Each year, we ask ourselves and our followers (you) what their New Year’s resolution is. Do you know yours yet? Ours is the same each and every time. We want to continue traveling the world with you. There are so many new and exciting places to see and experience that we can’t just have the resolution for one year and one year only.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is parallel to ours, then it’s time for you to invest in the best and get a new bag. It’s fitting – new year, new bag.

Here’s the breakdown of top sellers by category to help ease the online shopping mayhem.


Photo Credit: Blogger, Dressed To Ill


When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to think about is if your luggage will make it though the wear and tear. Here are not only our employees, but our customers favorite go-tos for any type of travel you have planned.






Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack

Photo Credit: Photographer, Jenna Kutcher


Trails to taverns. It’s a pack that is durable, but stylish. It can hold all your gadgets and still be cool.






Photo Credit: Blogger, Kaitlin Keegan of Blonde Expeditions


Duluth Pack’s history and beginnings were based on being the ultimate canoe pack for taking you from portage to portage. However, in this day and age, some customer’s just want a Duluth Pack, because of it’s American heritage and versatility, plus effortlessly cool look. Here are the top sellers for simply a good looking bag.





View More:

Photo Credit: Photographer, Mycah Burns of Redmond Digital Media


Not only was Duluth Pack first around doing the traditional canoe packs, but also outfitting hunters for their hunt. Check out the style of hunting bags that have been around for quite sometime! P.s. we have a great relationship with expert hunting brand, Mossy Oak!






FullSizeRender 3

Photo Credit: Duluth Loves Locals


Heavy books, lots of homework, and just the demands of school can be enough weight on your back. Let us carry the load. You carry the passion, we carry everything else.





image1 2

Photo Credit: Blogger, Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity


Invest in a work briefcase that can carry and protect your career necessities safety.





Photo Credit: Jordan Villamor


Get the perfect office accessories at Duluth Pack. From journals, to checkbook covers, and your favorite wallets.






Wishing you all a wonderful and safe New Years!


– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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December 28, 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be long gone, but the Duluth Pack savings are not.

Currently Duluth Pack’s in store only 75% off clearance deals are in full swing. All categories are up for grabs including, children’s, women’s, men’s, and footwear. Not only are some of your favorite footwear and apparel brands in the mix, but don’t forget that Duluth Pack’s manufactured seconds are at a discounted price as well.

The Duluth Pack winter final clearance sale is available until the last piece is sold. However, don’t walk, but rather run, because the items are going extremely fast.

You can find our flagship retail store in Canal Park, Duluth, MN. There is free parking in Canal Park and pets are welcome in our location. For any questions regarding the Clearance Sale, please feel free to contact our wonderful customer service team at: 1-800-777-4439, email us at, or follow us and stay update via social media channels, like Facebook , Instagram and Twitter .

If you’re not in the Duluth, Minnesota region please feel free to stay updated on everything Duluth Pack, including deals with our email subscription sign up and by visiting our website at .

Happy savings, folks!

– From your friends at Duluth Pack

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December 14, 2015

We are always so thankful for our following and customers. Without you all we wouldn’t be who or where we are today. It’s something we are forever grateful for. Again, thank you.

Let’s be real though, we’re human. We sometimes get stuck in a rut or the same old same old and forget how something or someone can make such an impact in a person’s life. This is where we are forever touched about our customer’s stories whether it be where a pack saved their life from a lightning strike (this is really true and the Lightning Pack is showcased in our store) or their Duluth Pack purse saved them in a car crash. Again, a true story we will never forget. Just recently, Kaitlin shared her story and what Duluth Pack means to both her and her ex-boyfriend. Please read below and never forget to tell the ones you care about how much you love them and to live a life that makes you full and happy.


My ex-boyfriend, Chris, was a walking advertisement for Duluth Pack; he bought the pictured backpack on a trip to Minnesota years ago and it loyally accompanied him on countless adventures throughout the US and around the world. This photo was taken on a two week roadtrip last January as we were approaching the exhilarating uphill climb of Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park. I’ve always loved this photo but at the time I took it I didn’t know how meaningful this picture was going to become to me.

On August 2nd I unexpectedly walked into the Duluth Pack store in Canal Park and looked around in awe. I texted Chris in excitement and considered buying a bag of my own but decided against it.

On August 8th, I got a most dreaded phone call and received the tragic news that we had lost Chris. He was my first love but I was not his; everyone who met him fell in love. He was the most captivating person I’ve ever met. He traveled the world with this backpack and met people from every walk of life. His soul will live on in me and so many others that he touched.

Today is November 8th and it has been 3 months since we lost him. This photo has been the background on my phone ever since. His backpack is now in my possession and it will accompany me on every hike, every roadtrip, and every adventure, so that I can carry on Chris’ memory, his zest for life, and his passion for the outdoors.

I can feel Chris’ presence, his imprint on my soul, when I look at his Duluth Pack; thank you Duluth Pack for giving me something so tangible to hold onto and for being a center piece in so many memories.

It is our pleasure to be able to share Kaitlin’s story that she has given us approval to do so with. Thank you to Chris for his passion in our brand, company, and products and we know that our customers and followers even if they are not with us here today anymore are always one in a million. We want to know, what’s your Duluth Pack story? Please feel free to share with our team at:

– From your friends at Duluth Pack