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Locally Grown Series – Part 6: Chris

August 15, 2014
Local Grown Series - Chris

The six segment of our new “Locally Grown Series“ – and the last for this first season.

This series highlights some of our local heros: awesome people from the Duluth area, doing cool things, that happen to carry a Duluth Pack.

Read along as we meet these people and share their stories:

Chris is a professional curler who has competed at an Olympic level. He is Duluth born and raised and grew up traipsing around Lester Park. “There is everything to do here. Swimming, biking, hiking… Family get togethers. It was the place where our parents would let us bike to as a kid. It seemed a lot bigger then,” says Chris about the park. “Every season there is something cool and pretty about Lester.” 

Hobbies include lots of hiking (he has nearly hiked the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail), mountain biking, curling and snow boarding. As an outdoorsy guy, he’s known of Duluth Pack his entire life. The red canoe pack pictured above was passed down to him from his Dad. It was the pack they would take on their trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It still goes out every once in awhile. Chris’s family is so accustomed to Duluth Pack’s, he mentioned recently finding a few of our duffels inside of a duffel in an old family shed that had been locked for years. They were dirty but he washed them up and now they’re good as new!

Some of Chris’ favorite spots on the Northshore are Bean and Bear Lake and Kadunce River: “I just love northern Minnesota. If we had mountains, we’d have to gate this place up probably.”


We’re glad to have Chris as a friend of Duluth Pack. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!


The Lowdown

How the Olympics can inspire us all

March 2, 2010

After 16 days of spectacular events, it was time to become unglued from the television. The Olympics seem to have a way of inspiring us all. Especially the Winter Olympics, sporting events we can really relate to here in the Northland!  It brings out our national pride (GO USA) and also showcases so many different nations from around the world and we learn athletes stories that you can’t help but root for them!

Now that the games have concluded I got off the coach and went on a search to find Olympic inspiration in my own community and I urge you to do the same in yours!

I found a “Learn to Curl for Free” event in town at the Duluth Curling Club. Thank you for the lesson! I enjoyed myself but don’t think I could make the 2014 team, it’s much harder than it looks. The free lesssons filled up fast, so I know there were many inspired folks in town.


After Curling, I went out to search for another Olympic event. I found the Chester Bowl Ski Jumps. No longer regulation, these ski jumps are no longer used for competitions but every year Chester Bowl offers free ski jumping lessons to carry on the rich tradition to our local youth. As you can see the jumps are pretty high up there, so I passed on strapping on ski’s and giving it a go and moved on to the next Olympic venue I could find, which was Nordic Skiing. I went home, strapped on my X-C skis and headed out for an Olympic workout. Well first off, I didn’t look like an Olympian without a one piece spandex suit, but I gave it my best shot. I have a long way to go before I would make any Olympic team so I headed out to find anything else Olympic related. Low and behold I found the closing ceremonies for the Duluth Snowlympics. Complete with all the local kids skiing down the hill after the torch for the lighting ceremony. Yes, we even had our own “Olympic” torch! The festivities concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. I hope the Olympics has inspired a little bit in all of us, to get up, get out, and enjoy!