Another Satisfied Customer…

Recently I had to thank someone for doing me something special for me. What could I give him that would be perfect. It had to be something he could use during an upcoming fishing trip. I purchased some pancake mixes and the fish batter from the Duluth Store. I ordered online on Tuesday morning and it arrived Wednesday afternoon and given to him on Thursday. That’s fast! He was impressed and I was grateful to the speed of service of the Duluth Pack Company. Way to go and thank you.

I have been a fan and customer of the store for several years and my son and I visit the Duluth Pack store every time we travel up north. The store is like walking into a dream of “what I would like today.” ┬áTouching a part of the past, dreaming of trips to come, or just sitting by the fireplace and listening to others dream about their trips makes me smile. I am not alone in my travels.

Enjoy a moment and dream while you travel through the pages of the catalog if you can’t make it to the store.

Jeffrey S.

(Thanks Jeffrey! Great testimonial! ┬áCan I “borrow” the phrase “touching a part of the past”? Love it!)

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