Never gets old…another Duluth Pack story

August 30, 2010

From the time I could walk, my life had been spent in the outdoors with my father and I remember one of the first things he gave me was his old Duluth Pack. After that I was hooked. Every pack I had from then on was a Duluth Pack. The quality that is put into them surpasses any other pack I have come across. You can tell that your company takes pride in what you do. Up until a few years ago I had collected quite a few of your pack, but one day I was injured at work and it all changed. Through my recovery I ended up having to sell most everything that I owned to get by. I am getting better now and have started saving to make a long canoe trip and your Wanderer Pack with the All Day Lumber pack are the first things I am going to buy, just as soon as I have the money saved. Then down the road I am going to try to get everything needed for on board canoe storage. Being handicap now though it is going to take me some time to save. Again though I want to say that you make an excellent product that lasts for many years. Keep up the good work!

Thank You, Dennis M.

Thank you Dennis! We wish you a speedy recovery. I will email you about your requests.

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