“Old Reliable”

November 10, 2009

To Duluth Pack:

I needed a good rugged attache to carry my daily stuff and be somewhat
presentable at meetings in the GMO’s office in one of the Iron Mines in NE
Minnesota. My choice was a Duluth Pack product (see photo). Well it
bounced around in the truck for many years in the pit then one day I
accepted an assignment to a be site representative for a gold prospecting
project on the Amazon River Basin. ‘Old Reliable’ carried the project
guidelines from NE Minnesota, to Ohio, through NY, to Rio de Janeiro,
Brasilia, Belem and finally in a square stern going up the Gurupi River to
base camp in Para, Brazil. The attache made many trips from base camp to
Belem where a weekly TELEX report was sent back to Headquarters in Ohio.
It survived many dunkings in the Grupi River as well as the Amazon.

In the late ’90’s on assignment to the Para Iron Mines of Venezuela ‘Old
Reliable’ just about was confiscated by a mine manager because of its

On a trip into the Angel Falls area of Southern Venezuela I nearly lost
the bag when I missed-placed it on the DC-3 we were flying in. I was
distracted because as we sat on the tarmac preparing for take off I
noticed a stream of oil running from the engine cowl atop the shroud to
the rear of the wing and puddling on the cement. I called attention to
the leak to our German Flight Stewardess and her comment was ” we will add
oil before the return trip”. Fortunately she remembered seeing me
boarding with the bag over my shoulder and returned it to me.

I retired in 2000 from mining but the bag and I are still great friends
and generally most days it is the first thing in my hand in the mornings
going out the door. Duluth Pack probably would repair the piping no
charge to me but as the photo illustrates it would ruin its character.

Thanks Duluth Pack, I would probably purchase another one but I don’t
think I will need to.


Joel E.
Section Manager Mining
Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota

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