The Tale of a Duluth Pack Backpack….a great story!

October 8, 2009

Once in awhile here at Duluth Pack we get a letter from a customer that tugs at our heartstrings.  We received this letter last month and thought it was worth sharing. This is why we are one big Duluth Pack family!

Dear Duluth Pack,

When my oldest son, Ben, was preparing to start kindergarten thirteen years ago, I decided that he should have a sturdy backpack that would last him a few years.  So I purchased your large deluxe daypack for his school debut. He graduated from high school at the end of May this year, and has used the original deluxe daypack as his school backpack for every year since kindergarten. We did have to return the daypack to you for a zipper replacement circa fifth grade, which you promptly returned to us with a new zipper at no charge.

Ben has decided he wants to continue with the tradition as he begins his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in September. I am sending his original backpack for a repair of the leather handle, so he can carry his books around the Madison campus this Fall.

I thought you might appreciate seeing some pictures of Ben and his backpack, so I’ve enclosed a few from his first day of kindergarten and his first day of senior year in high school. Please keep them as a testimonial of how truly rugged your products are.

Thank you for providing such a great tradition for my family. It’s not often you buy something that not only meets, but greatly exceeds your expectations.


Barb and Ben

P.S. – Ben’s brother, Cole, has also followed in this backpack tradition.  He’s starting his junior year in high school, so you may be hearing from me again in a couple of years.


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