Well-Loved Daypack

Today we received a package covered in dinosaur stickers. On the inside was a loved Standard Daypack – Backpack, and this note:


photo (7)“Dear Duluth Pack Craftspeople,

When this backpack was given to me as a birthday gift in 2007, I did not realize that it would become an essential life companion throughout the following 6 years! So far it has:

  • Attended the U of M – Twin Cities, completing a B.S. in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
  • Lived in Hawaii for 6 months
  • Traveled throughout South American and Europe
  • Performed conservation research in Nebrascka (not as bad as it sounds…!), Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands and Trinidad & Tobago.

It has been extremely well-loved and well-used! I could not have had a better bag throughout all of these experiences. 

I want to thank you for crafting such an exceptional piece of equipment and for fixing this zipper so that I can continue brining my travel buddy & field assistnat on future excursions! 



P.S. It likes to go rock-climbing, too!

:) “


Thanks for sharing this great story with us, Jordan! Enjoy your new zipper, and keep up with the amazing travels!

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